Natasha Exelby Aussie News Reporter Gets Fired!

Natasha Exelby

Natasha Exelby is the Australian reporter who was allegedly axed after she was caught off guard while on air.

The lovely and experienced journalist currently works as a presenter for ABC News 24. Exelby has reportedly been banned from on-air news reading duties after a prerecorded segment came to a close and she was caught looking at her pen.

When Exelby realized she was live again, she let out a shocked gasp as she broke out of a daydream.

Within seconds, Exelby transitioned into sports coverage after getting caught not paying attention.

Her funny reaction has since gone viral. She told she wasn’t proud of what happened, but knows why the video has since gone viral.

“I can understand why people found it funny, and it was certainly me at my most raw. But I also have to take some responsibility here. I’m a professional and what happened was far from professional.”



Natasha is a journalist, presenter and media Consultant. Accoridng to her website, XLB Media, Natasha Exelby has 15 years’ experience in the nation’s top newsrooms and across the world.

Having worked in politics, sport, entertainment, finance, technology, health and crime as well as being a presenter on more light hearted programs like Can Of Worms and The Project.


She is a former member of the CNN Fellowship and worked as a Foreign Correspondent and anchor of a 24 hour news channel based in Turkey.

She also served as a political reporter in Canberra’s Press Gallery. At the time, she dealt with everything from mundane press conferences, to ‘slips of the tongue’ with explosive fall out, and some of the nation’s most divisive scandals.

Reporting in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, Natasha covered the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, the wars in Syria and Afghanistan, the refugee migration across Europe and the terror attacks that struck Paris, Brussels, Nice and many parts of Turkey in 2016.

Should Natasha be reinstated?

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