Nasim Aghdam Father Ismail Aghdam

Ismail Aghdam

Ismail Aghdam is the disturbed father of Nasim Aghdam, the woman who was named as the shooter who injured at least three people at the YouTube headquarters in California.

Ismail’s daughter opened fire around noon on April 3rd and began to fire before entering the building in San Bruno, California. She stormed onto YouTube’s sprawling campus and began firing in a courtyard during lunchtime, wounding at least three YouTube workers.

Numerous outlets report one man and two women ages 32 and 27 were shot in the incident. The male 36, was said to be in critical condition.

His 39-year-old daughter turned the gun on herself shortly after. She used a 9-millimetre handgun.

Ismail Aghdam

Ismail Najafi Aghdam spoke to news outlets revealing that prior to the shooting the family had reported his daughter missing in Southern California and informed police she might be going to YouTube because she “hated” the company. Ismail Aghdam and his family are originally from Iran.

The shooter’s father also said his daughter told her family just a few weeks ago that she was “angry” with YouTube because she believed it was censoring her videos. He said he reported her missing on Monday after she didn’t answer her phono for two days. He described his daughter as a ‘vegan activist and animal lover.’

It’s been revealed that his daughter voiced her frustration and dissatisfaction with YouTube ranting on social media. She stated that YouTube had discriminated against her by filtering her content –as a result she wasn’t being paid for her videos.

Ismail’s son, Shahran Aghdam and the soother’s brother gave a similar account saying the family was aware of Nasim’s ‘discontent’ with YouTube and they did everything they could to warn police about her. The family alleges that authorities found her sleeping in her car hours before the shooting, and informed them she had been located.

Ismail Aghdam who also resides in California, owns an electric company which according to BuzzFile is located in San Diego. Apparently, he specializes in Water Features, Mobile Homes, Landscape Lighting.