Nafeesah Hines Woman who Sued Officer James Frascatore

Meet Nafeesah Hines

Nafeesah Hines and officer James Frascatore go way back, and we are thinking she might not have him in high regards.

As you might have heard, James Frascatore is the NYPD officer who officer tackled and roughed up former tennis pro James Blake, outside his Manhattan hotel Wednesday.

As details move along with the investigation, it’s been reported officer James Frascatore actually has a history of allegations of police misconduct from 2012 and 2013.

This is where our girl Nafeesah Hines, comes in. Back in 2013, Nafeesah Hines was arrested by Frascatore, for allegedly failing to quickly turn over a bicycle they had deemed evidence.

The incident was originally reported by WNYC –the report provided audio in which Nafeesah Hines can be heard speaking to Frascatore, who has just arrested her boyfriend, Warren Diggs, for riding his bike on the sidewalk. Her boyfriend had been stopped months earlier for riding his bike on the sidewalk and was arrested for marijuana possession and resisting arrest.

When Nafeesah Hines had one of her kids take the bike he was riding inside, she was arrested.

Frascatore does not provide his name or shield number when Nafeesah Hines asks for it.

Nafeesah Hines and her boyfriend filed complaints against several NYPD officers with the Civilian Complaint Review Board, the couple’s complaints alleged the officers used excessive force, abused their authority and that one even made false statements to the court. All criminal charges were ultimately dismissed.


Nafeesah Hines, of Jamaica, NY, was involved in a Multimillion Dollar Tax Refund Fraud earlier this year.

In January 2015, Nafeesah Hines –a former U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) employee – and two other were indicted in the Eastern District of New York for defrauding the U.S. government by filing false claims for millions in false tax refunds. You can see the IRS announcement here.

Nafeesah Hines is 45-year-old and is a mother of two, the Daily Mail reports.

She was charged with one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States, 11 counts of assisting preparation of false returns and four counts of filing false tax returns and one additional count of filing false tax returns.

Nafeesah Hines complaints apparently weren’t enough to put Frascatore on modified duty—until the current and highly publicized incident involving Blake. The officer has since been assigned desk work.