Mollie Tibbett’s Boyfriend Dalton Jack

Dalton Jack

Dalton Jack is the concerned boyfriend of missing jogger, Mollie Tibbett –who was last seen in her hometown of Brooklyn, Iowa a week ago.

Dalton’s girlfriend disappeared after it was thought she was staying at his home. According to reports, FBI has taken over the missing case. Investigators have been checking data from her Fitbit and Snapchat in hopes of zeroing in on her location.

Tibbett is a pretty 20-year-old college student, until recently attending the University of Iowa, majoring in Psychology. She was known to family and friends as an avid runner who was always wearing her Fitbit. Mollie was originally born in San Francisco and lived in Oakland until she moved to Iowa with her mother when about eight.

She went missing last Wednesday night while watching her boyfriend’s dogs and was reported missing the next day when she failed to appear for work.

Dalton Jack

Dalton Jack worked a construction job about 100 miles northeast in Dubuque according to initial reports, while Mollie was supposedly at his home. He told investigators he even received a Snapchat photo from Tibbetts late Wednesday night, after she would have returned to the home from her jog.

Dalton also said during media interviews he contacted her family after she didn’t returned his texts messages the next morning. All of her identification and wallet is at Dalton’s house.

Dalton Jack

According to reports, Dalton is not a suspect in the missing case. The two had been dating for about three years and he told reporters about Mollie ‘She is the sweetest, kindest person I have ever met in my life,” “I’ve never seen her do anything like an act to hurt anybody ever, and I’ve known her for three years and I spend pretty much every day with her.”

Dalton Jack is originally from Grinnell, Iowa; and currently resides in Des Moines, Iowa. He is the son of Cynthia Brodie-Jack. He shares a home with his brother, Blake Jack and his fiancée, Allie M. Houghton. Dalton and Mollie were supposed to attend his brother’s upcoming wedding.