Who is Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters’ Boyfriend?

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, the 22-year-old recently known only as Miss South Africa has been crowned the new reigning Miss Universe 2017.

Demi looked absolutely stunning wearing a gold Anele Botha gown with about 30,000 Swarovski crystals. She had been among the favorites throughout the competition. But it was the question and answer part of the pageant that really sealed the deal for her.

Going up against Miss Colombia and Miss Jamaica, when asked ‘What quality in yourself are you most proud of and how will you apply that quality to your time as Miss Universe?’ Demi-Leigh answered ‘self-confidence’ and talked about a program she helped develop to train women in self-defense in various situations and how she plans to share these workshops and help as many women as she can.

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Nel-Peters made her home country proud as she becomes the second titleholder from South Africa, and the first since Margaret Gardiner won Miss Universe 1978.

Demi actually began advocating for women to be trained in self-defense after she escaped an attempted carjacking thanks to a self-defense class she took. That’s where her ‘Unbreakable’ campaign with workshops on self-defense came from.

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Born June 28, 1995 to Bennie Peters and Anne-Mari Steenkamp; Demi actually has four parents as both her mom and dad are re-married. The Sedgefield, Western Cape native shares in her bio that her biggest motivation comes from her half-sister who has a disability. Her half-sister Franje, was born without a cerebellum.

While attending high school, Demi was elected as the Deputy Junior Mayor of the George City Council and is also a college graduate. The 5 ft 7 in beauty queen holds a degree in Business Management at North West University.

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Aside from just winning the title and glory of being Miss Universe 2017, Nel-Peters wins a yearlong salary as well as a luxury apartment in New York City.

It appears the stunning lady has everything but a boyfriend going for herself. Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters shows no sign of any romantic relationships at the moment and appears committed to her new job as Miss Universe.

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