Michelle Saling: Virgin Galactic Pilot Michael Alsbury’s Wife

Mike Alsbury Michelle Saling

Michael Alsbury, has been identified as the Virgin Galactic pilot  who was killed when SpaceShipTwo blew apart mid-air Friday. Mr. Alsbury  leaves behind his wife Michelle Saling and their two children.

39-year-old Michael Tyner Alsbury graduated from the California Polytechnic State and the University of San Luis Obispo. He worked as a Project Engineer/Test Pilot at Scaled Composites, and the Society  of Flight Test Engineers.

Mr. Alsbury died immediately on Friday when SpaceShipTwo exploded just minutes after it detached from its mother ship, WhiteKnightTwo. Mr. Alsbury’s wife Michelle Sailing  is devastated..

“I have lost the love of my life. I am living in hell right now.”

Michael Alsbuy’s wife is 39-year-old Michelle Lynette Saling originally from Colorado, resides in Tehachapi, CA