Michael Rosfeld Police officer in Antwon Rose shooting

Michael Rosfeld

Michael Rosfeld is a police officer who has been charged with homicide, he is being accused of fatally shooting 17-year-old Antwon Rose Jr. –earlier this month.

Rosfeld is said to have shoot Rose Jr.; multiple times in the face, right arm and the middle of his back. In his defense, Rosfeld says he thought Antwon had a gun and was the suspect of a shooting scene.

The incident took place on June 19 after Rosfeld exited his cruiser following the scene of a drive-by shooting minutes before. Officer Rosfeld pulled over Antwon’s vehicle –which matched the description of the shooting scene.

Rosfeld exited his cruiser, drew his weapon and ordered the driver out and to the ground. The driver complied and as Rosfeld turned his attention to the passengers in the vehicle, the person in the front seat got out.

According to Rosfeld’s side of the story, Antwon who was the person in the front seat, turned his hand toward him and he observed something dark, which he thought to be a gun. He said he took cover behind his cruiser to obtain a better view and fired his weapon. At the same time, the second passenger fled from the vehicle.

Michael Rosfeld

According to Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala, Jr., Rose can be seen on witness video showing his hands before fleeing. No weapon was found on his person.

Michael Rosfeld, from East Pittsburgh, became suspicious after making inconsistent statements about whether he believed Antwon had a gun when he opened fire. The county district attorney believes Michael Rosfeld acted “recklessly and without justification” –he was formally charged Wednesday morning.

Prior to East Pittsburgh, Rosfeld worked in Harmarville and Oakmont. He also worked for the University of Pittsburgh Police Department and was reportedly dismissed for cause from the university. The university turned his personnel file over to county investigators as part of the investigation.