Who is Michael Flynn’s Associate Bijan Kian?

Bijan Kian

Bijan Kian, a former business partner to a Trump associate –has been indicted on conspiracy charges.

Bijan Kian has been revealed as a former business partner of former Army Lieutenant general, Michael Flynn –who served in 2017 as Trump’s first national security advisor. The charge is related to Flynn’s efforts to smear a Turkish cleric at the behest of the government of Turkey.

Bijan Rafiekian, who also goes by the name Bijan Kian –was indicted on charges including failing to register as a foreign agent.

Rafiekian was vice-chairman of Flynn’s business group, the Flynn Intel Group. The two worked throughout 2016 to seek ways to have cleric Fethullah Gülen extradited from the US to Turkey.

Bijan Kian

According to his LinkedIn, he is a Member, Board of Directors at Export-Import Bank of the United States. From his profile on Bloomberg, Kian was educated at the Tehran Industrial College and holds a Graduate and Post Graduate degree in Management and Economics from Brighton University, Sussex, England. He attended Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Oxford University.

A senior commercial diplomat, Kian happens to be a Fellow at Royal Society of Arts in the United Kingdom and a 2009 recipient of Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

66-year-old Bijan Kian, is described as professional banker with over 17 years of experience in operations and management of financial institutions. With over three decades of experience in government, business, and academia. He is known for his advocacy of effective strategies based on balanced strategies of security and prosperity, aimed at sustainability.

He was first commissioned as a member of Wilson’s Advisory Council on Economic Development. He served as a Director of White House Business Council since 2011. He was the first Iranian American to be appointed or elected to direct a statewide office in California.

In addition, he was previously an adjunct professor and lecturer in Finance at California State University, Fullerton and was director of the California Center for Commercial Diplomacy at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

Kian is a married man, his wife is Gissou Kian, serves as president of the nonprofit Nowruz Commission.