Michael Dubke’s Wife Shannon Mullins Dubke

Shannon Mullins Dubke

Shannon Mullins Dubke is the stunning wife of White House communications director, Michael Dubke. The couple has been together for a number of years and they are the proud parents of two teenage kids.

Shannon’s husband handed his resignation as the White House communications director earlier this month. Her hubby born April 18, 1970; is the founder of Crossroads Media and is an expert in political affairs.

The New York native is a graduate from Hamilton College. In the early 90’s he was the executive director of the Ripon Society and Ripon Educational Fund. He later co-founded and was the president of Americans for Job Security, a pro-business league in Virginia. That organization was active in 45 states and spent over $55 million on advocacy for select issues.

Along with Steven J. Law, he co-founded in 2001, Crossroads Media, LLC. The company, which is a Republican media services company, serves American Crossroads, a Super PAC formed by Karl Rove. Dubke’s media company rose to stardom during the 2008 election cycle.

He has been happily married to wife, Shannon Mullins for years. Meet her below.


Shannon Mullins Dubke is originally from Louisville, Kentucky but is currently an Alexandria, Virginia resident.

Just like her husband, Shannon has a big title and a lot of responsibilities, the wife and mom of two, happens to be the CEO of a retail company called, D Enterprises Inc.,

Aside from being a busy CEO, 46-year-old Shannon Mullins Dubke is also the mother of two teenage sons, Harry and Sam Dubke (pictured below next to their dad)

Harry Dubke attended Hamilton College and worked as a waiter at an Irish restaurant and bar. Sam Dubke is currently a student at Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service.


Shannon Mullins Dubke is also into health and fitness. The wife and mother of two regularly goes to the gym and believe it or not, she is into weight lifting. She goes to Crossfit Old Town in Alexandria.


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