Melissa Midwest Harrington – Actress Suing



A popular ex-**** star demanded that she be removed from a multibillion-dollar Manhattan lawsuit that made headlines worldwide against, the suit accuses the Internet-dating giant and affiliated sites of posting tens of thousands of fake dating profiles featuring unsanctioned photos of pretty people to attract paying members.

“Melissa Midwest” Harrington — once among the top 10 most-searched names on the Internet is now  a 31-year-old former **** princess from Omaha, Neb.

According to court documents, Melissa made such demand because she never agreed to be part of the lawsuit.


But Melissa doesn’t need all the fuss; Melissa Harrington, aka Melissa Midwest and Melissa Lincoln has her own name in history.

She was born July 9, 1982 and by age 21 she had created an amateur ****ographic website “just for the fun of it” which ended up becoming one of the top sites in the genre.


But just in case you haven’t heard of her before keep reading to find more details.

melissa harrington midwest

With the success achieved on her website, she shared her wisdom and met Adrienne, and together, they created a successful website around her, SweetAdri.

Melissa who has no problem being naked also owns an online store. Her activities have also gotten her into legal trouble in 2003 she was arrested and ticketed for public nudity. In 2006 the blonde was also involved in a forced sex act scandal in which she was accused of penetrating a fellow **** model, luckily for Harrington all charges against her were dropped voluntarily by the plaintiff.

Melissa was married to another **** star, Shane Harrington who attempted to have a regular job out of the industry, but according to online sources when he became the owner of a night club but was denied a liquor license all for being known as the “**** guy” everything tanked.

Melissa and Shane divorced in 2009. The divorce marked the last year MelissaMidwest released new material. She now goes by the name Melissa Smidt.

You can find her on Myspace here. Or do a Google search with her name and snap! Many people have been accused of running scams using her name and photos so watch out!