Mauricio Ortega Tom Brady’s jersey thief

Mauricio Ortega

Mauricio Ortega, a Mexican fella is said to be the thief who stole the jersey worn by New England Patriots champ, Tom Brady during Super Bowl 50.

Earlier this week, Houston police chief Art Acevedo told reporters that investigators are confident the jerseys, recovered with the aid of the FBI and NFL security in Mexico, are indeed the ones that went missing.

His name was released by Mexican media and Ortega was also scolded by his former employer at La Prensa –who said in a statement released in Spanish, that basically they had recently learned of Ortega’s behavior on February 5, 2017, inside NRG Stadium in Houston Texas, where Super Bowl LI took place.

The institution also added it strongly rejects, the actions of Mauricio Ortega and apologized saying: La Prensa; Editora La Prensa, S.A. de C.V. offers a public apology to our readers and the Mexican people for these regrettable acts.


Mauricio Ortega was the director of La Prensa – a Mexican based tabloid newspaper. He allegedly presented his resignation last week, citing personal reasons.

Ortega allegedly took advantage of the position he held, used the newspaper La Prensa to obtain media credentials to access the field of play, press conferences and probably other areas of NRG Stadium.

According to Mexican News sites, Mauricio Ortega is an NFL memorabilia collector who’s shown up at auctions –which makes you wonder if he’s done this before.

He had a big-shot position at La Prensa, which calls itself “National Newspaper of @OEMenlinea, the largest newspaper company in Latin America.” Accoridng to its website, he worked writing editorials.

Footage of Orgeta while he was entering and leaving the Patriots locker room, has also been released by a number of sites. Ortega’s did has enraged Mexican viewers which have called Ortega thief and other negative adjectives in social media.

It is however understandable why Ortega would want to take the jersey –which is valued at $500,000 – its worth driven up by the astonishing Patriots’ comeback in that Super Bowl. The jersey were found inside Ortega’s home in Mexico.

Ortega is no stranger to Tom Brady, back in 2005 he even managed to get a photo with the NFL QB while in the locker rooms.

Though is yet to be confirmed, it is believed that Mauricio Ortega might also have taken the helmet worn by Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller during Super Bowl 50.