Mary Wilson’s Husband & Children

Mary Wilson

Mary Wilson, the legendary singer and author widely known as the lead vocalist of Motown’s The Supremes is taking the stage again -only this time she wont be singing.

The 75-year-old Supremes co-founder will be among the participants in the new season of Dancing With The Stars which is due to start next month.

Born March 6, 1944; the Greenville, MS native signed with Motown Records at age seventeen as a member of The Primettes, which later became The Supremes.
The R&B vocalist gained fame as the trio’s lead vocalist. Mary along with fellow Supreme members Suzaye Greene and Scherrie Payne; was Motown Records’ prime act during the 1960s. They released twelve #1 singles, including “Baby Love.”
In her lifetime, Wilson has only been married once and is the proud mother of two adult children.


Mary Wilson

Pedro Ferrer was a Dominican businessman who served as his wive’s manager. He is described as ‘a charming rogue with an eye for the ladies and also as an extremely demanding person’
During tours, it is said that Pedro would wait for the group to be retire for the night, to go partying. He would go on shopping sprees and trips to the best nightclubs in each city. These “night outs” usually started around midnight and finished around 4am.
Pedro and Mary were wedded in 1974. Seven years and three children later, the two divorced in 1981.

According to Mary, Pedro was often abusive. Wilson wrote of her experiences with domestic violence in “Supreme Faith” in 1989, “no one picked up on it, no one talked about it; I was really surprised,” she says.


Mary Wilson

Mary and ex-husband Pedro Ferrer, produced three children, a daughter Turkessa and sons, Pedro Jr.; and Raphael. In addition to her children, Mary also has 10 grandchildren and one great granddaughter.

Turkessa was born in 1975, she now goes by Turkessa Ferrer-Babich and lives in Las Vegas -is married to Ante Ilija Babich.
She is the mother of three children including daughter, Mia Marie Ferrer-Babich. She writes on social media ‘If you want to feel rich count the things you have that money can’t buy’

Pedro Ferrer was born in 1977, he lived with his father in Los Angeles following his parent’s split. Pedro attended Santa Monica college.

Son Raphael who was born in 1979, tragically died aged 14 in 1994 in an auto accident. At the time Wilson was driving and suffered a broken collarbone, ribs and a punctured lung.