Maxine Hansen Rikers’ Sexy Selfie Lover

Maxine Hansen

Maxine Hansen wants to become the queen of Rikers Island. On Instagram identifies herself as Queen Maxine, but even a queen found herself in trouble when she was arrested inside her room at the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York.

Maxine posted a video on Facebook showing off her toy gun collection, but the video prompted NYPD to show up to the scene and arrest the individuals before they attempted to do something worse.

Hansen was initially held on a $30,000 bond after she was charged with felony criminal possession of a controlled substance, possession of an imitation firearm and possession of marijuana.

Maxine Jade Hansen, 25,  from Pomona, New York was arrested alongside three of her friends

Hansen’s friends identified as Ashley Mueller, 22, Firas Yousef, 32, Bassem Yousef, 30 (photos below) following the posting of a video showing off an array of BB guns. It was ousin saw the video (posted below) and called 911.

Six BB guns, an assortment of drugs including a Ziploc bag of crystal meth and two glassines of heroin and numerous credit and gift cards, were recovered by cops on December 1st.

Ultimately the charges downgraded to misdemeanor. Therefore, Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Laurie Peterson decided to exonerate Maxine and her friends. But not before warning Hansen to stay out of trouble or else.

“If you are so much as late or do not show up to court, then I will recommend you be hit with bail-jumping charges.” Peterson warned Hansen, who appeared more focused on her handcuffs than the judge. “Stay out of trouble.”

Rikers Gone Wild

Subsequently, Maxine took time to speak to the media about her experience in addition to her future plans as the main character in Rikers Gone Wild.

The reality series she said Rikers needs so desperately.

“They held us forever. They were asking me all these questions, and I’m like, look at me, I look like Britney Spears, I didn’t do s−−t,” she preened.

“We’re just harmless kids, doing drugs,” she complained. “We were just having fun. And then the SWAT teams come in and go, ‘You wanna f−−−ing die, b−−−h.’”

“You know I’m gonna be f−−−ing rich, right?” she said, alluding to a lawsuit, before calling herself the “black, rich sheep” of a “smart, rich family.”

“Baaaaaa,” she giggled in a nod to her outsider status.