Marilyn Monroe- Plastic Surgery Records Revealed!

Marilyn-Monroe- pic


Can this be for real? A celebrity auction house, Julien’s of Beverley Hills in California, has obtained a set of six x-rays and a file of doctor’s notes that indicate that the Hollywood sex symbol of the 50’s underwent cosmetic surgery, including a chin implant in 1950 and a tip rhinoplasty which involved only the tip of her nose.

Michael Gurdin, Hollywood plastic surgeon, wrote the notes which seem to confirm this. The seller, who has remained anonymous, received these items as a gift from Dr. Gurdin.

Nobody ever thought that Marilyn had plastic surgery, although there was always speculation on the subject. The pseudonyms Joan Newman and Marilyn Miller were used on the doctor’s records. The six xrays and doctor’s records also give a medical history of Miss Monroe from 1950-1962. At this time, very few people had plastic surgery as it was a relative new science.

Marilyn Monroe will always be remembered for her glamour and beauty which set the standard for movie star beauty in her era. Sadly, her life ended at the age of 36 in August of 1962. Whether by her own hand or by accident will always remain a mystery.

The auction is expected to bring in between $15,000 and $30,000 when the items go up on  November 9-10.