Maria Alejandra Lafuente Casco : Mexican Psychologist Killed and Chopped Husband


Meet the Mexican psychologist who brutally killed her husband and almost got away with it! 40-year-old Maria Alejandra lafuente Casco is accused of using a chainsaw to dismember her husband!

Now that she is facing life in prison she says she did it because her husband, 41-year-old Allan Carrera Cuellar, allegedly beat her repeatedly. Didn’t she know about divorce proceedings?


Authorities say she allegedly cut off the head of her husband and then sliced up the rest of his body and tried to hide the evidence throughout the town. Her husband is pictured below.


But it seems she had it all figured out, Lafuente Casco sent text messages from his phone to make everyone think he was fine despite disappearing!



And that’s not all, when she was busted only because the man’s head was discovered, she pretended to be mentally ill, and did so by using her expertise in the mental health field.

You have to admit, she tried!