Margot Kidder’s Husbands & Children

Margot Kidder

Margot Kidder, the Canadian born actress best known for playing Lois Lane in the original “Superman” films, has died. Kidder was 69.

The stunning actress that stole hearts as Lois Lane around the world in the 70’s and 80’s –was married three times in her lifetime and is survived by a daughter.

Born Margaret Ruth Kidder on October 17, 1948; she began her acting career appearing in a number of low-budget Canadian films and TV shows. It was in the late 70’s that the actress gained fame in Hollywood by portraying the iconic Lois Lane in 1978’s “Superman” and its sequels.

She had previously worked in other productions including, a role in 1970’s “Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx” opposite Gene Wilder. She later appeared in “1973’s “Sisters,” Robert Redord’s “The Great Waldo Pepper,” and 1979’s “The Amityville Horror.”

Kidder who at a point was diagnosed with bipolar disorder was married and divorced a total of three times. Meet her husbands below.

#1 Thomas McGuane

Thomas McGuane

Margot’s first husband was director, Thomas McGuane –whom directed her in the film, “Ninety-two in the Shade”. Born December 11, 1939; the Michigan native is known as a fiction writer, novelist and director. His got under his belt over 15 books of fiction and nonfiction.

How work stablished him as one of America’s most eminent writers. His third novel, “Ninety-two in the Shade” earned McGuane a National Book Award nomination, a movie deal and the envy and admiration of his contemporaries.

He was first married to Portia Rebecca Crockett –with whom he had a son, Thomas. Kidder and McGuane divorced in 1976 after three years together. In 1977 he married for the third time to, Laura Buffet –sister of his friend country singer Jimmy Buffet.

#2 John Heard

John Heard

Actor John Heard and Margot were married in 1979. The couple had a short lived marriage that lasted only a few days. It was the first marriage for the actor and the second for Kidder.

The film and TV actor became well known for roles such as Peter McCallister in the Home Alone films. He also starred in numerous films including; Chilly Scenes of Winter, Sharknado, Cutter’s Way, and The Pelican Brief. The Washington native had a decade long career in the industry and appeared in over 100 movies and over 60 TV series.

He divorced his third wife, Lana Pritchard, in 2010. Heard who died in 2017 of a heart attack is survived by his children, Max, John and Annika.

#3 Philippe de Broca

Philippe de Broca

Margot and the French director divorced in 1984 after one year of marriage. Philippe Claude Alex de Broca de Ferrussac was born in Paris in 1933. He died aged 71 in 2004.

After graduating from the Paris Technical School of Photography and Cinematography, he did his national service in Algeria. The French movie director was best known for his light-hearted comedies. He was awarded the Legion of Honor for his contributions to French culture. De Broca, was also married three times. He is survived by two children.


#1 Maggie McGuane

Maggie McGuane

In 1976 Margot took time off to welcome her only child, daughter, Maggie who was born October 28, 1976 in Canada. Her father is Margot’s first husband, novelist Thomas McGuane.

Maggie is a photographer, writer and former model. She is the mother of two children, Charlie and Mazie –with first husband, Walter Kirn. Maggie who also is an activist, is currently married to second husband, Chad Franscoviak –a music producer whom she married in 2013.