Marc Cohn Elizabeth Vargas’ Husband

Marc Cohn

Marc Cohn is the singer-songwriter husband of TV journalist Elizabeth Vargas. His 54-year-old wife reveals in a new and shocking memoir she nearly died after a decade-long battle with alcohol.

The 20/20 anchor claims her alcoholism, is the result of an unhappy marriage and stress from the job.

Vargas says she began drinking after the birth of her second child with Cohn. Her marriage disintegrated, she was removed from her co-anchor slot of ABC’s World News Tonight and nearly died on a park bench; all because she couldn’t deal with her anxiety any other way.

The journalist, wife and mother of two, says she has been sober now for the past two years.

Marc Cohn’s second wife, first talked about her alcohol battle in 2013 when ABC confirmed she was getting treatment. In 2014, Vargas underwent rehab for a second time and said she was dealing with addiction. That same year, it was reported the couple was getting a divorce after 12-years of marriage.

Vargas –who was once the only woman anchoring an evening news program and the first Latina to ever to occupy the chair –also reveals after the birth of her second son, Marc expressed his resentment toward her. He told her he’d felt she hadn’t been more attentive following a attempted car jacking in Denver, Col., the year before.

Prior to joining NBC News, Vargas spent four years as a reporter and anchor for WBBM-TV, the CBS owned and operated station in Chicago. From 1986-89, she was the lead reporter for KTVK-TV, the ABC affiliate in Phoenix. Earlier she worked as a reporter/anchor for KTVN-TV, the CBS affiliate in Reno, Nev. Vargas graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri in Columbia, Mo., where she began her broadcasting career as a reporter/anchor for KOMU-TV.


Marc Cohn better known for the hit song, ‘Walking in Memphis’  is a Grammy award winning folk rock singer and songwriter.

Cohn was born July 05, 1959 in Cleveland. While attending Beachwood High School in Beachwood, Ohio, Marc Cohn learned how to play the guitar.

From Oberlin College he transferred to UCLA and began playing at coffee houses. He then made his way into the NY music scene singing back up for a number of artist.

He landed a record contract with Atlantic Records in 1989. His debut album was released in 1991 and was a huge success.

He met Elizabeth Vargas at the 1999 US Open and the couple wedded in July 2002. Marc Cohn is the father of two sons with Vargas, Zachary and Sam. He is also the father of Max and Emily Cohn from previous a previous marriage.

Accoridng to their NY Times Wedding announcement, both said they fell in love at the dining room table of her Upper West Side apartment, where they dined and talked about politics, Proust, song lyrics and religion.

The couple wedded at the Council on Foreign Relations on the Upper East Side. Among the guests were Carly Simon.