Mara Shapshay- Jenny Craig’s Gallstone Accuser

mara shapshay

Mara Shapshay is a writer/comedian/performer who has a BFA from NYU Film and an MFA from the American Film Institute. She is a stand-up comic who performs regularly at The Comedy Store, Improvisation, Laugh Factory, and many other venues. She just completed her novel, Junky American Princess. Mara has been working in the entertainment industry for over 13 years.

Part of her credits include working on the following sitcoms: FRIENDS, South Park, That’s My Bush, Jesse, Veronica’s Closet, Ladies Man, and Inside Schwartz.  In addition, Mara writes for The Huffington Post and Glamour Magazine. She can be seen in an episode of season 6’s Kathy Griffin’s “Life On The D-List”

But as funny as she the L.A gal is this is no laughing matter; born December 27, Shapshay like many comedians uses her own life as comedy material she talks about the bad, the good, the pretty and the ugly but this time she is getting into serious business with Jenny Craig diet!!

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Mara who is just a little bit short and a little chubby was trying to shed those extra pounds by using the highly famous diet! The Laugh Factory performer and Glamour Magazine writer filed a lawsuit this week against Jenny Craig putting the blame on the product for her health problems!

She said she started the diet in 2011 but developed serious medical problems about a year later! She further claimed she was hospitalized and had to go through multiple surgeries upon docs discovering she had 1000 gallstones in her body!! yikes! But that is not all, she also holds J.C responsible for a recent miscarriage saying after the surgeries she now suffers from fatigue, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting!

And here comes the part where Shapshay could get some nice chunk of $$$ according to her; Jenny Craig was well aware its program could lead to gallbladder disease and failed to inform their customers of the risks.

Well all I can say, beware for the price of beauty can sometimes comes with ..gallstones??

You can follow her on Twitter here.