Mandy Ifrah & Tamir Raanan Booted from JetBlue Flight

Mandy Ifrah & Tamir Raanan

Mandy Ifrah & Tamir Raanan are a Brooklyn couple who claims to be outraged by the way they were treated by JetBlue. The Brooklyn residents say the airline booted them from a flight after their 1-year-old daughter kicked a seat.


Mandy Ifrah spoke recently of the incident which took place last month. Mandy Ifrah and her husband, Tamir Raanan, were on the runway ready to return to Kennedy Airport from Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Suddenly their cranky little daughter began kicking a fellow passenger’s seat.


Despite her apology the annoyed flyer changed seats. Mandy who attempted to calm her daughter heard the pilot saying they were returning to the gate. Next thing you know, security members requested the family to leave the flight.

Mandy who demanded to know the reason why she and her family had to leave the flight, didn’t want to go at first. But when a deputy from the Broward Sheriff’s Office ultimately intervened in the dispute, the entire family was kicked out.


Mandy also revealed she was left with no diapers, no wipes and no clothes to attend her kids. She, her husband and their three small children had to spend the night at a hotel and worked to find an alternate flight, to get home.


Mandy Ifrah & Tamir Raanan also learned they were banned from flying JetBlue while the company investigated the incident.

As for the airline, blames their removal on “a verbal altercation that included physical threats.”

The family has now hired a lawyer as a result of the incident.


Mandy Ifrah and her husband, Tamir Raanan are the parents of three adorable small girls. According to her social media, and she Tamir were married in 2014.

The wife and mom of three is a hairstylist by profession. Hair by Mandy offers door-to-door services including, blowouts, haircuts, color, highlights, extensions, updo’s and more.


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