Mally Mall’s Girlfriend & Children

Mally Mall

Mally Mall, the rapper, music producer and reality TV star has been in a number of relationships, however at 41, he is yet to be married.

Born Jamal Rashid on July 7, 1977; the California native describes himself of Brazilian-Egyptian ethnicity. He’s been around for a while, the veteran rapper and producer, has worked alongside notable names like Ant Banks, Rick Rock, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Tyga, Drake, and more.

His released tracks include “Drop Bands on It” and “Wake Up in It.” He is currently the head of labels Mally Mall Music and Future Music and often works with Grammy award winning producer Jason Boyd.

Mall recently made headlines, this time after his home in San Fernando Valley was raided as part of an ongoing investigation into possession of exotic animals. This is not the first time the producer gets his home swarmed with authorities. You may recall that back in 2014, FBI raided his Las Vegas home as part of a federal human trafficking investigation.


Mally Mall

Mall who appeared on the reality Love & Hip Hop, dated the stunning Nikki Mudarris, also known as Miss Nikki Baby –with whom he had an off and on relationship. He was previously romantically linked to model Mia Isabella and Carmen Electra.

The relationship between Mudarris –a TV personality –and Mall made headlines after he allegedly broke her iPhone; in retaliation, Nikki vandalized Mally Mall’s house and destroyed 30k worth of China. The incident took place in 2015. At the time Nikki was escorted by police, and no charges were filed.

The ex-couple again back lashed each other in Twitter calling each other out. Mall reportedly released a sex tape without her consent.

After their breakup, Mall was seen partying with Basketball Wife LA” star Malaysia Pargo. He was later linked to transgender model Shauna Brooks and Blac Chyna.

Mall who is apparently single at the moment, doesn’t have any children.