Who is Magician David Blaine’s Current Girlfriend?

David Blaine

Famed magician David Blaine has been in a number of relationships, however at 45, he is yet to be married and is apparently single?

Blaine may or may not be in a current relationship, however if he is, his current partner may not like the facts he is being accused of sexual assault by two different women.

The Brooklyn, NY native is widely known for his magic and endurance stunts, which include being frozen in a block of ice, starving, and hovering. He stood on a 100-foot pole in New York for 35 hours in 2002.

The famous illusionist was inspired to become a magician at an early age after he witnessed a magic train on the subway.

David Blaine

He is currently under investigation after two women accused him of sexual assault. Both women claim to have been attacked by Blaine in separate incidents more than 20 years ago at his apartment in Manhattan.

One of the alleged victims told police the incident took place in 1998 and that David hypnotized her into compliance. She believes Blaine hypnotized her and made her masturbate him while she was in a hypnotic state. The other woman said she was sexually assaulted by Blaine in 1998.

The statute of limitations for prosecuting Blaine, in either case, has lapsed, and he has not been charged with any crimes.

This is not the first time Blaine faces this kind of allegations. In 2016, model Natasha Prince said that Blaine had raped her at a house in London back in 2004. He denied the allegations and instead said, they had consensual sex.

Blaine was in a relationship with French model, Alizee Guinochet, for years. The couple welcomed a daughter, Dessa in 2011. They were engaged for a while but parted ways in 2014.

He was also romantically linked to Fiona Apple, Bijou Phillips, Lonneke Engel, Josie Maran, Mallory Snyder among others.

David Blaine Net Worth

David Blaine, is a celebrity magician and famous illusionist widely known for his life daring and unique stunts.

Blaine has enjoyed major success for years. The magic man, who is also an endurance artist has become extremely popular across several social media platforms and has since amassed millions of followers and millions to his bank account.

Want to know more? Keep reading and learn personal details about David Blaine, who his girlfriend is, David Blaine success, his career, David Blaine net worth and a lot more.

David Blaine

David Blaine Net worth timeline

David Blaine net worth timeline begins in the late 90’s after he began performing for strangers on the streets.

His 1997 television special, David Blaine: Street Magic, involved the magician roaming the streets of America and performing magic for surprised spectators.

Blaine’s style was a huge hit and he went on to appear in various other television specials.

He also worked to establish himself as an endurance artist, pushing the physical limits of human possibility including achieving a 17 minute, 4 second underwater breath hold; a Guinness World Record.

David Blaine Net worth 2021

According to online sources, David Blaine net worth in 2021 is estimated at approximately $40 million.

In a typical non-touring year, David can easily make $5 million performing shows in Las Vegas and private parties. When he does tour, his earnings can increase to as much as $15 million in a year. In 2017 he earned a total of $4.5 million. In 2018 he earned a total of $13.5 million which made him the fourth highest-paid musician in the world that year.

David Blaine Sponsorships

Blaine also collects mid-six-figure paychecks for private performances for clients such as Peter Thiel, who hired Blaine to perform at his Vienna wedding last year, and blue-chip companies including Salesforce and Intel.

David Blaine ABC Special deal

Blaine starred in a 90 minute ABC special titled “David Blaine: Real or Magic.” The special was directed by Matthew Akers and featured Blaine performing magic for celebrities and public figures.

“Beyond Magic”, a 42-minute special aired on ABC in November 2016, also involved Blaine performing magic for various public figures. Featured in this special is a magic trick where Blaine seems to catch a .22 caliber bullet in a small metal cup in his mouth.
On April 1, 2020, Blaine starred in another ABC special, “David Blaine: The Magic Way.” It consisted of various close-up magic acts, card tricks through video chat (due to COVID-19), and special performances by his daughter.

David Blaine Tour deal

In 2017 David Blaine embarked on his first-ever North American tour. His earnings more than doubled from $6 million, surging to $13.5 million. The endurance artist, performed more than 50 shows in our scoring period as he wrapped up his first North American tour. The sold-out tour reaped an estimated $12 million—the highest tour gross of any solo magic act that year—when including tickets and merchandise as well as meet-and-greets, which are incredibly lucrative for all performers. VIP packages that include brief meet-and-greets can cost well over five times the price of a regular ticket.

David Blaine

Blaine’s 50 tour dates might seem small when compared with the performance numbers of Copperfield, Penn & Teller and mentalist Derren Brown, who embarked on a 100-date tour this year. But it’s a remarkable feat given that Blaine had to perform his most grueling stunts night after night, including regurgitating a live frog, sewing his lips together and holding his breath underwater.
The Bronx-born magician can’t even eat on the days he performs the frog trick.

David Blaine UK Tour deal

In 2019 David Blaine took his ‘Real Or Magic’ tour to the UK and Ireland, marking his first-ever live shows on those shores.

David Blaine book deal

David Blaine authored, Mysterious Stranger: A Book of Magic on October 29, 2002 and which was published by Random House.
In his first book, Blaine offers readers a magical extravaganza on paper, a mix of autobiography, history of magic, how-to (do magic), interactive magic tricks and self-help advice. Blaine begins with intimations of stage magic’s power, with an account of legendary 19th-century magician Robert-Houdin traveling to Algeria on orders of the French government to quell an uprising by showing that his magic was greater than that of the rebels.
It also contains clues to a treasure worth $100,000 “buried somewhere in America.”

David Blaine Netflix deal

Blaine is also on Netflix with three different features-David Blaine: Street Magic documentary. In it, the renowned magician performs illusions and tricks up close in street performances that awe and amaze his in-person, on-the-ground audience.

David Blaine

There’s also David Blaine Real or Magic -where the daredevil illusionist visits Harrison Ford and other celebrities in their homes and performs feats of mind-bendingly impossible magic.

And, David Blaine What is Magic? -where he travels the country wowing audiences with mind-bending magic tricks, from making cards vanish to catching a speeding bullet in his mouth.

David Blaine House

In 1998 David bought a 1,000 square-foot apartment in New York City for an undisclosed amount. He listed the apartment for sale in 2016 for $2.3 million.

In 2005 he paid $1.675 million for a duplex apartment in NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood. He also has a three-story secret magic-lab in Chinatown.

David Blaine Early life

David Blaine White was born on April 4, 1973 in Brooklyn, New York. The son of Patrice Maureen White, a teacher, and William Perez, a Vietnam War veteran.

David Blaine

Blaine was four years old when he first witnessed a magician performing magic on the subway. This sight sparked a life-long interest in magic for him.

His father was never in the picture, and when he was 10 his mother married John Bukalo, and the family moved to Little Falls, New Jersey where Blaine attended Passaic Valley Regional High School. He moved to Manhattan shortly after he graduated.

David Blaine Career

He started his career by getting featured in commercials and soap operas. However, he was still practicing magic and started doing street shows in New York. He was so good at it that his audiences were left baffled. From there, he began to get bookings for magic shows.

Blaine’s first TV special, “David Blaine: Street Magic” aired on ABC on May 19, 1997. He spent the next two years traveling across the country entertaining unsuspecting pedestrians in cities like Dallas, New York, and San Francisco, recorded by a small crew with handheld cameras.

David Blaine

He gained notoriety in 1999 with his “Buried Alive” stunt, when he was entombed in a plastic box underneath a 3-ton water-filled tank for seven days in New York City, across from Trump Place. During the stunt, he did not eat and he subsisted off of only 2-3 tablespoons of water per day. An estimated 75,000 people visited the site when he was underground, including Harry Houdini’s niece Marie Blood. On the final day of the stunt, hundreds of news and media teams were stationed at the site for the coffin-opening. A team of construction workers removed the gravel surrounding the 6-foot deep coffin before a crane lifted the water tank out. Blaine emerged and the BBC News stated that the 26-year-old magician had outdone his hero, Harry Houdini, who planned a similar stunt but had died in 1926 before he could perform it.

The following year, Blaine attempted but failed to stand in a large block of ice located in Times Square for 72 hours. It was covered on a TV special, “Frozen in Time.” He was lightly dressed and shivered even before the blocks of ice were placed around him. A tube supplied him with air and water and he was encased in the box of ice for 63 hours, 52 minutes, and 15 seconds before he was removed with chainsaws. He was immediately taken to a hospital due to fears he might be going into shock. It took him a full month to recover.

In May 2002, Blaine performed another stunt, “Vertigo.” He was lifted via crane onto a 100 feet high pillar in Bryant Park, New York City. He was not harnessed to the pillar, although he did have two handles on either side of him to grasp in the event of harsh weather. He stood on the pillar for 35 hours. He suffered a mild concussion when he jumped down onto a landing platform made of cardboard boxes. He reported suffering severe hallucinations in the final hours of this stunt.

David Blaine

In 2003, Blaine performed another endurance stunt, “Above the Below”, in which he was sealed into a transparent Plexiglas case and was suspended in the air next to Potters Fields Park near Tower Bridge on the south bank of the River Thames in London. The box measured 7 x 3 feet and was barely big enough for him to stand up or lie down in. In true British fashion, Blaine was taunted mercilessly by observers, with spectators throwing eggs, golf balls, and other objects at the box. As a taunt, a cheeseburger was flown up to the box by a remote-controlled helicopter. Blaine emerged from the box 44 days later, gaunt and 60 pounds lighter, exhibiting signs of starvation and was immediately hospitalized.

Blaine’s next stunt was Drowned Alive on May 1, 2006, for which he was submerged handcuffed into an 8 feet water-filled sphere for seven days. After this stunt, Blaine was monitored by researchers at Yale to study the human physiological reaction to prolonged submersion. In 2012, Blaine performed a 72-hour endurance stunt called Electrified: One Million Volts Always On in NYC. Streamed live on YouTube, Blaine stood on a pillar surrounded by seven Tesla coils producing an electric surge of one million volts.

David Blaine Success and Achievements

David Blaine rose to prominence employing the good old Harry Houdini’s standard, which is performing an incredible stunt and notifying the press beforehand. Soon Blaine became a much-talked-about magician, thanks to his magic style, uptown-casual clothes, as well as for his friendships with celebs like A-listed actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

David Blaine

He became the antithesis to the glitz and glamor (and over-the-top cheesy showmanship) that helped define magic in the 1980s by introducing a stripped-down version of magic at its core.
Blaine has performed for US Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama in the Oval Office.

David Blaine Ventures

In addition to his career as a magician, illusionist and stunt performer, David Blaine is also a film producer, film director and actor.

David Blaine Charity

David Blaine

David Blaine is widely known for his philanthropic works. He once donated $100,000 for earthquake relief in Haiti from a 72-hour magic show.

David Blaine Girlfriend

Blaine was engaged to French model Alizee Guinochet from 2009 until they separated in 2014.

Alizée Guinochet was born on May 17, 1985. She is a French model and actress with credits in films such as Holy Rollers (2010) and Rock’n Roll (2017).

At 48, Blaine appears to be currently single.

David Blaine Children

David Blaine is a proud daddy. He and former fiancée Alizee Guinochet welcomed a child during the time they were together. Their daughter, Dessa was born in 2011.

David Blaine

As an interesting fact, Alizee Guinochet, went into labor in the middle of a blizzard that blanketed New York City in 19 inches of snow. Blaine who tried to hail a cab when the French model started having contractions, to no avail -eventually managed to flag down a snowplow driven by a private contractor, who gave them a ride to the hospital.

David Blaine Cars

Like a true New Yorker, David may not be too into cars but he is into bikes. He had been pictured numerous times riding his BMW motorcycle around town. And being the magician that he is he is protected at all times by wearing a Motorcycle Guardian Bell under his Motorcycle, The motorcycle guardian bell is a popular motorcycle accessory that is usually hung from the motorcycle handlebars, and it is believed to protect the rider from bad luck.

David Blaine

Lessons learned from David Blaine

David Blaine

Among the notable lessons we can learn from David Blaine and his stunts we could mention, his focus and strength of mind -which is really all we need to succeed. Let’s take his most recent stunt, Ascension -which saw Blaine take hold of 52 colorful balloons to float a dizzying 24,000ft in the air over the Arizona desert before skydiving to safety.

During the time he was getting ready for the stunt, there were so many distractions, yet he had a clear mind and a clear purpose amidst the chaos.

With this, David shows that strength of mind and a clear mission, paired with determination, are key to succeeding in any endeavor.

Another big lesson from his stunt, is inspiring other and making a real impact. David Blaine now has a nine-year-old daughter and a family to care for, so his stunts aren’t just about himself any more. He found himself examining the message he wanted to give to his daughter and made the commitment inspired by her to create a stunt that inspires optimism and hope.

David Blaine Favorite quotes

We are all capable of infinitely more than we believe.

My only fear is the unknown.

I just believe that the feeling of wonder is amazing. I am pushing myself as far as I can humanly push myself… I can only hope for the best and expect the worse.

What does David Blaine do now?

David Blaine is continuously working on new and innovative projects, and keeps his fans up to date throughout his different media channels.

David Blaine

In 2020, he partnered with YouTube Originals for the feat dubbed “Ascension,” which Blaine said was inspired by a desire to do something beautiful for his young daughter.
The magician enjoyed a peaceful float over Page, Arizona, with the help of a bundle of balloons, as captured on a livestream.
The latex, helium-filled balloons used weren’t your party-store variety. They were tricked out and could be deflated or popped remotely, as needed. One “balloon” made of fiberglass held a parachute and oxygen. The apparatus also allowed for the stunt to be filmed.
At an altitude of nearly 25,000 feet, Blaine ejected himself and parachuted to the ground.
The live broadcast broke records to become the most-watched YouTube event in history, with around 770,000 people viewing at any one time.

Where can I find David Blaine on social media?

David Blaine is active on most popular social media platforms including

David Blaine Instagram

Even though Blaine can be found on Instagram, he has zero posts and still 1 million followers.

David Blaine Twitter

David Blaine is also on Twitter where he has over 700k follower.

David Blaine Facebook

David Blaine can also be found on Facebook with 754k followers.

David Blaine YouTube

David Blaine has his own YouTube channel. He currently has 1.62M subscribers.

David Blaine Website

You can also check out David Blaine on his website for more info and his online shop where you can acquire his apparel and accessories.