Madonna’s Former Friend Darlene Lutz

Darlene Lutz


Darlene Lutz is a long time art dealer and former friend of queen of pop, Madonna. According to reports the former friends stopped talking years ago and now are going at it again.


The riff between the former ex-pals goes back to 2005, after Madonna accused Lutz of selling one of the paintings from her mammoth art collection “years ago,” but had yet to pass on the cash, which summed up to be more than $250,000.

According to TMZ, Madonna and Lutz settled the dispute and part of the deal was that Darlene gave Madonna cash and in return the singer agreed never to go after Darlene for anything.


Fast forward to present times, Madonna recently got a judge to block Darlene’s auction which contains at least 20 items that belong to the material girl.


Madonna said in court documents that she was not aware until reading press reports, that many of the items listed for auction, including the letter from her former boyfriend Shakur, were no longer in her possession.

She added, the items were consigned to auction by Darlene Lutz, whom Madonna described in court documents as a former friend and art consultant and said she had “betrayed my trust in an outrageous effort to obtain my possessions without my knowledge or consent.”

Darlene is basically looking to get the order thrown out so the auction can go ahead as planned.


Darlene Lutz is a fine-art dealer and longtime resident of western Soho. For years, she was Madonna’s personal art adviser.

Back in 2015 she protested the loud and disruptive Nike Zoom City temporary venue for the NBA All-Star Game that was built on Trinity Real Estate’s vacant lot at Duarte Square, at Canal St. and Sixth Ave. Back then, she told The Villager that the beeping, construction noise and diesel fumes from the site all were not helping her recovery, and was planning to spend some days at the James Hotel a bit farther away.

Darlene is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed in 2012 and had her breasts reconstructed.