Lydie Denier Ambassador Chris Stevens’s Girlfriend

Lydie Denier

Lydie Denier is the ex-fiancée  of late U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. Four years have passed following the tragic death of Denier’s fiancée and there are still doubt as to what exactly happened the night Steven’s was killed.

Militants stormed the U.S. Embassy compound in the Libyan capital on Sept. 11, 2012. Early reports suggested that he and other American diplomats had been trying to escape the compound when their car was hit by a rocket. But U.S. officials now say that Stevens and another American, Foreign Service information management officer Sean Smith, and a security officer took refuge in a safe room as security officers tried to hold back the siege, in which militants allegedly launched an orchestrated attack using assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades, using the protest as cover. Militants somehow set fire to the building, and the safe room filled with smoke. The security officer got out and returned 45 minutes later, but by then Smith had choked to death on the smoke. Stevens, also overwhelmed by smoke inhalation, had been carried to a hospital by Libyans, but doctors there couldn’t revive him.

That attack, and the controversy that still surrounds it have turned it into a highly polarized issue. House Republicans released a lengthy report on Tuesday detailing how events unfolded and criticizing the government’s response to them.

The ambassador was a native of California, and a dedicated diplomat who had worked in several postings, including in Jerusalem, Cairo and Damascus, according to a State Department biography. He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1982, and earned a degree from the University of California’s Hastings College of Law in 1989. He received a master’s degree from the National War College in 2010, and spoke both Arabic and French. Stevens was the first serving U.S. ambassador to be killed since 1979.


Lydie Denier was among the first people to criticize the actions –or the lack of actions –of the government. In previous interviews she has been explicit pointing the finger at presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Lydie Denier told Newsmax TV that Hillary Clinton didn’t do her job by ignoring Stevens’ requests for more security.

She is clear at saying Clinton is at least partly to blame for Stevens’ death “As far as Hillary Clinton, I think she should have done a better job for security and not ignore his requests. And if he was a friend, like she said, he was a friend, then you don’t let your friend down.”

She recalled the moment she learned of Steven’s death saying

“I hear some news that there was an attack in Benghazi,” “It was just flames and there was a picture of a man and with that picture I had a bad feeling. I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t tell because I’m blind as a bat, so I need my glasses and I didn’t have them on.
“But they kept repeating, ‘the ambassador died.’ There was the name written under the picture but still I couldn’t see it. When his picture came back on the screen I put my glasses on and it was him. It was a shock.”

The actress and model worked in the documentary titled, “A Voice for Ambassador Chris Stevens.”
Accoridng to her IMDb page, Lydie Denier was born April 14, 1964 in France. She was raised and educated in her birth country.


She began a modeling career as a teen and made her TV debut on General Hospital (1963). But her big break in acting was her 1991 role as Jane in the TV series Tarzán.

Aside of acting, Lydie Denier is also an accomplished artist. She paints acrylic on canvas and her work has been sold both in Europe and America. She is also a writer and a producer.
Lydie Denier and Chris Stevens were engaged in 1995 after a brief love affair. The two never made it to the alatr, but she always cared deeply for him.

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