Liziane Gutierrez Chris Brown’s Las Vegas Assault Victim

Liziane Gutierrez

Liziane Gutierrez a Brazilian native and resident of Las Vegas recently accused singer Chris Brown of hitting her on Saturday at the Palms Casino Resort. This is not the first time Brown has been in punching a woman, and Liziane is no stranger to getting her name and a famous singer’s name in the same story.

According to Liziane Gutierrez, Chris Brown punched her in the face after he spotted her taking photos on her cell, Chris said the whole thing is fabricated and he is ready to sue Gutierrez for lying.

Liziane Gutierrez Bio

Liziane Gutierrez, 28, known the Brazilian Kim Kardashian was born and raised in Brazil is a model who was married for ten years to Antonio Macedo, 31, the father of her six-year-old son.

Liziane Gutierrez Bio

Liziane Gutierrez was according to her, hired by Jason Derulo’s manager to join him at a party along with more women, but Gutierrez never made it to the party, she wasn’t even allow to get in the van but rather left alone in the street while Derulo left with her friends to the party, his excuse was that he believed Liziane Gutierrez was a prostitute and not part of the group of girls hired to keep him company.

Liziane said she was hired to join Jason at a party, sex was never part of that or any negotiation she has done before.

“There’s no sex. Just as an escort same and you can get up to $ 2000 in one night. They like women with the body similar to that of Kim Kardashian, like myself,”

Not long after that incident Liziane found herself in the same sunny beaches in Rio de Janeiro where singer Rod Stewart was at, she managed to swim near by him and caught his eye, after they exchanged some words then she gave him her number, the encounter was caught by the paparazzi’s prying lenses.


Liziane said after her husband found out about Jason Derulo and Rod Stewart he asked her for a divorce.

Liziane gutierrez husband Antonio Macedo picLiziane gutierrez husband Antonio Macedo pic

For some time she kept her other job a secret to her husband, so when a job to keep famous people’s company came up she would tell him she was going to see a house in the US in order to redecorate and then sell it, that worked until he read about her encounters published by media.