Lizard Squad:10 Facts About Group Behind PlayStation and XBox Hack Attack


When gamers from around the internet started reporting issues when using either Xbox Live or PSN on Christmas day, it couldn’t have been a worse time! Read more about Lizard Squad, the group responsible for the headache of many!


#1. Lizard Squad, who are they?

They are one of the script groups most known for its attacks on online gaming services such as Xbox Live and PSN.

#2. Lizard Squad Threats

On December 2nd, they posted the following on Twitter following a successful attack on Xbox Live:

That’s a small dose of what’s to come on Christmas. #LizardSquad

 #3. What issues their most recent attack caused?

Gamers reported  having problems when using either Xbox Live or PSN. For both services, establishing a connection, entering the store, sending messages to friends, and playing online games has been some of the major hardships.

#4. Why is it a big deal?

Given Christmas day’s emphasis on gift giving, it is the day known for introducing the largest number of new consoles owners. Consequently, the frustrations some giftees are dealing with on Christmas may or may not be a result of the hateful members of Lizard Squad.

 #5. They have social media accounts


Lizard Squad has a Twitter account with over 14K followers and a Facebook page with almost 20K likes.

 #6. The Next Generation Grinch?

The group describe themselves on Facebook as: “Some lizards just want to watch the world burn. Next generation Grinch.”

#7. Who is Twitter user GDKJordie?

Is a professed member of Lizard Squad, posted the following:


#8. Lizard Squad has a rival

Hacker group,The Finest Squad, claimed via Twitter on Christmas Day that they had restored Xbox Live.

 #9. Lizard Squad takes pride on their attacks

They take credit for taking down a number of high-profile targets, including the Vatican’s website, Sony’s PlayStation network, and League of Legends.

 #10. The Cyber terrorists have been compared to LulzSec

Cole Stryker, said Lizard Squad’s style of hacking seems very similar to the “early days of LulzSec,” a former hacking group.