Lisa Tarto LA mom whose Matthew Tarto was Killed by her husband Mark Tarto

Lisa Tarto Louisiana

We all know New Orleans is the state of voodoo but certainly we don’t believe until some crazy things happen! On May 14th everyone started to worry about sophomore Matthew Tarto; 16 year old teenager who played backup offensive lineman on the 2012 Class 2A state championship football team at John Curtis Christian School had been missing from school; and his mother, Lisa Tarto was also starting to worry about not hearing anything from her son.

The school reported his absence to authorities and after a call from his concerned mother, police found out the tragic truth. Mathew’s body along with his father’s was found dead at their River Ridge home on May 24th. He was most likely gone since May 14th. So what on hearth happened? The boy, Matthew Tarto, apparently had been dead for several days before his father Mark Tarto died. Col. John Fortunato from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, said

“This has all the earmarks of an apparent murder-suicide, and the autopsy supports that finding,”

Autopsy results revealed that both died from gunshot wounds to the head.   Investigators at Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office suspect Mark Tarto murdered his son, then committed suicide several days later! Crazy stuff! Was this man smoking or what!! To kill his own flesh and blood and then take on his own life??? And the details actually get creepier, Lisa Tarto’s ex-husband apparently shot their son in cold blood while Mathew was asleep!! The report says Matthew Tarto died from a gunshot wound to the back of his head and was found lying on his bed.

Lisa Tarto from L.A was born in 1967. Lisa currently lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. Before that, she lived in Metairie, LA from 1997 to 1999. Before that, she lived in Theriot, LA from 1996 to 2001.

She has lost her oldest son and surely must be devastated. Like all stories this one too has a deeper side to it. Apparently people couldn’t be more shocked since father and son were tight as they had been living together for about a year since Mathew’s parents split up. But it was one of those nasty splits; in 2008 after having marital problems Lisa filed for divorce calling her husband and father of her son

“cruel” and “obsessive” ‘unstable mental behavior’.

But the couple seemed to want to work at their issues only to finalize their divorce in October 2011; but this time it was on Mark Tarto’s request. He did not only ended his marriage but also poisoned his son against his own mother making him believe she cheated on him. According to Lisa, Mark threatened with ruining her life….was killing their son, what he meant??

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