Lindy Kats Sexiest Pilot Becomes Instagram Sensation

Lindy Kats

Lindy Kats is a Dutch native who has caught media attention for her chosen profession. The blonde beauty happens to be a pilot and a bit of an Instagram star. Get to know her better.

Originally from Amsterdam, she has revealed during interviews that she developed a love of flying at an early age. While in high school she attended a career fair and though she was interested in many professions nothing made her ‘heart beat faster than the idea of becoming a pilot.’

At the time, she was told becoming a pilot was very expensive and that, the selection process was very tough. However, Lindy began attending open days of flight schools. She eventually went for the selection process at a flight school in Madrid, and was accepted to start her flight training.

Now the pretty blonde is currently based in Italy and flies Boeing 717 aircraft. Lindy Kats is a first officer for Spanish airline Volotea.

Lindy Kats

She has also attracted international attention thanks to her popular Instagram account. Blessed with model looks, Lindy Kats documents her life in the social media platform which allows her to keep in touch with friends and family.

She also revealed her family was always supportive of her career choice, despite the fact that it meant she had to relocate and work abroad.

Lindy Kats

Lindy often shares amazing snaps of all the different destinations she travels to. The 24-year-old has amassed nearly 80,000 followers with her globe-trotting lifestyle. A fearless Kats who’s been flying the skies for the past three years, has shared images of her taking in the ancient ruins of Agrigento, Italy, stepping out of a car in Dubai and sitting in the cockpit ready for take-off.

Her favorite destinations to fly to include the islands in Greece, Spain, and Italy. “The sea and coastlines make for beautiful views when approaching or departing from there.” She says.

For the female pilot, her first experience in the air was “the best moment” of her aviation career so far.

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