Likelyman-The Superhero is Preston Likely!

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Mr. Likely 42, is a Littlemore, United Kingdom based Artist and author who fiercely without even thinking about it climbed up the side of a building to reach a two year old little boy!! The toddler managed to climb onto the roof of a hotel and got stuck 40 ft above the ground.

A brave stranger-Preston Likely– saw the gathering of people looking up who were witnessing in fear the imminent danger the little boy was in and before he knew it he climbed to reach little Charlie and held on to him for 15 minutes until fire crews were at the scene!

‘I thought it was some sort of gathering. Then I looked up and saw the child on the roof tottering about.

‘I threw my bag down without thinking and just climbed up and grabbed him. It was instinctive, I didn’t think, I just scrambled up.’

The little boy’s mother in her desperate intent to reach his son was also stuck in panic; but thanks to Preston’s presence the scary moment had a happy ending for everyone.

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Although the incident took place last Saturday Lickely is still living his glorious moments of heroism days later as he twitted:

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But this is not the first time he gets some media attention; on his site we can find some of his works that has drawn attention:

Amuse Agents (Published

Here is a project that took a year and a half to complete. A book that comprises many fictitious shop window adverts and some accompanying email responses. The book will be going on sale this coming November. It’s a practical book of humor in an impractical age of seriousness

The Hand Of Economic Recovery

On Monday 10th December 2012, at 7.15pm, please place your hand on top of the image of the hand in the picture. Then, for 30 seconds, make a wish for our country, and others too, to rise above the dark cloud of economic stagnation and into the sunshine of economic buoyancy.

Perhaps through collective thought, self belief and humor, we may have more chance of inspiring a sense of belief in our economy again, without having to rely on the abstract notion of quantitative easing alone.

Should your own economic situation improve on the back of this art project, please let me know.


Preston Likely attended Greatfield high school in Kingston upon Hull and later the University of Humberside. I’m sure little Charlie will hear from him in the future.

You can read more about his work here or follow him on twitter here.