Lichin Chin Rodger – Santa Barbara Killer Elliot Rodger’s Mother

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When Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger and ex wife Lichin Rodger received an email of the  140-page manifesto of their  son Elliot Rodger they ran to his house, but sadly they were too late.

The Story of Elliot Rodgers life has been vividly described in his chilling 140-page manifesto, in the first pages he wrote about his parents , his birth, childhood and the birth of his younger sister Georgia.

Elliot’s father Peter A Rodger born April 6, 1965 in Kent, England, his mother Lichin Rodger was born Ong Li Chin in 1961 in Malaysia of Malaysian descent, Chin a nurse moved to London where she got a job as nurse of several  films sets, after she had became fiends with people in the movie industry including Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, who according to Elliot even dated his mother Chin for a while.

It was in that scenario that Chin met and fell in love with Peter Rodger, they got married and then she became pregnant, not a planned pregnancy or so it said her son..

My mother and father had been married for a couple of years before my mother became pregnant
with me. In fact, her pregnancy was an accident. She had been taking pills to prevent pregnancy, but when she visited my father on one of his film sets, she fell ill and the medication she took for that illness thwarted the effect of the anti-pregnancy pills, and so their lovemaking during this period resulted in my life.

On the morning of July 24th, 1991, in a London hospital, I was born. I breathed in the first breath of
life as I entered this world, weighing only 5.4 pounds. My parents must have been filled with happiness and pride that day. They had just witnessed the birth of their first child, and they named me Elliot Oliver Robertson Rodger

Lichin Rodger was 30 at that time, while Peter was 26, the young new parents traveled around the world with their small son,  when Elliot was about five, Lichin became pregnant again, this time they planned it.

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“My mother became pregnant again. I was going to have a sibling. My parents decided to have another baby, this pregnancy being planned, so that I can have a sibling to grow up with. We later discovered it was going to be a girl.

Before my 5th birthday, my mother went into labor to deliver the baby. I can remember the night
vividly. I was very ill that night, a bad omen. I stayed at home with Ah Mah while my mother and father were at the hospital, and we watched movies together. I was fraught with anticipation the whole time.

And then my parents came back late in the night, and with them they brought a little black-haired baby wrapped in a bundle. I had a baby sister, and they named her Georgia.

They moved to the U.S shortly after Lichin’s celebrated her son’s fifth birthday,  Peter thought he would be offer more opportunities in L.A.

Life in America was different for Lichin, but good different, sadly less than two years after they arrived to America, Peter and Chin Rodger decided to divorce. The news came as a shock to the children, she moved out of the family home to a smaller house in Topanga where she and her children would live, Peter provided child support and probably spousal support as well.

You can read Elliot Rodger’s Manifesto here

It is unclear if Chin Rodger, ever remarried like Peter did, Elliot wrote about a wealthy man names Jack who chin was dating and who owned a beautiful  beach house in Malibu, but they broke up in 2010, it is clear her life turned around the life of her children, she adored them and did everything to make them feel special when they were with her, but Elliot knew how to get her to do what he wanted.  When she received her son’s manifesto she called 911 and drove to her son’s house, but she was too late, 7 people were dead, including her son, and all by his hand.

In the manifesto Rodger also wrote about killing his little brother Jazz on the ay of Retribution, all because his step-mother Soumaya said that at Jazz age he was already “so socially savvy
for his age, and how he’s always envied him for it. She also told him Jazz will never have any problems with girls, and will lose his virginity while he’s young.

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“It is very unfair how some boys are able to live such pleasurable lives while I never had any taste of it, and now it has been confirmed to me that my little brother will become one of them. He will become a popular kid who gets all the girls. Girls will love him. He will become one of my enemies.
That was the day that I decided I would have to kill him on the Day of Retribution. I will not allow the boy to surpass me at everything, to live the life I’ve always wanted. It’s not fair that he has the chance to have a pleasurable life while I’ve been denied it.

It will be a hard thing to do, because I had really bonded with my little brother in the last year, and he respected and looked up to me. But I would have to do it. If I can’t live a pleasurable life, then neither will he! I will not let him put my legacy to shame. In order to kill Jazz, I would have to kill Soumaya too, but that will be easy. All I would need to do is think about all of the hurtful things she had said to me in that past as I plunge my knife into her neck.

But what if father is in the house to stop me? Would I have to kill him too? That would be too much. I remember, when I was a child, I had dreams about my father dying, and I woke up crying to my mother, in which she would comfort me and tell me that it was just a dream. How could my life have resorted to the point where I am the one to kill my own father? I felt sick to my stomach.

He wrote about stabbing his two roommates as well, two of the the three people found stabbed at his apartment have been identified as Cheng Yuan Hong, 20 (left), and George Chen, 19 (right), it is likely the third body identified as Weihan “David” Wang, 20 was a friend to either of them, who unfortunately was on the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Cheng Yuan Hong, 20 (left), and George Chen, 19 Elliot Rodger roommatesPinelliot rodger stabbed victim roommate capri picsPinelliot rodger stabbed victim roommate capriPin

Two new housemates moved into my apartment for the Autumn semester. They were two foreign Asian students who attended UCSB. These were the biggest nerds I had ever seen, and they were both very ugly with annoying voices.

My last two housemates, Chris and Jon, were nerds as well, but at least they were friendly and pleasant. These two new ones were utterly repulsive, and one of them had a very rebellious demeanor about him. He went out of his way to start arguments with me whenever I raised the issue of the noise he made.

****, even living with Spencer was more pleasant than these two idiots. I knew that when the Day of Retribution came, I would have to kill my housemates to get them out of the way. If they were pleasant to live with, I would regret having to kill them, but due to their behavior I now had no regrets about such a prospect. In fact, I’d even enjoy stabbing them both to death while they slept.

Lichin Rodger saw her son’s videos on YouTube ad became deeply concern about her son’s mental health, so she called a health agency to check on him, Elliot also wrote about  that day..

After only a week passed since I uploaded those videos on YouTube, I heard a knock on my apartment door. I opened it to see about seven police officers asking for me. As soon as I saw those cops, the biggest fear I had ever felt in my life overcame me.

I had the striking and devastating fear that someone had somehow discovered what I was planning to do, and reported me for it. If that was the case, the police would have searched my room, found all of my guns and weapons, along with my writings about what I plan to do with them. I would have been thrown in jail, denied of the chance to exact revenge on my enemies. I can’t imagine a **** darker than that. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, but it was so close.

Apparently, someone saw my videos and became instantly suspicious of me. They called some sort of health agency, who called the police to check up on me. The police told me it was my mother who called them, but my mother told me it was the health agency.

My mother had watched the videos and was very disturbed by them. I don’t suppose I’ll ever know the full truth of who called the police on me. The police interrogated me outside for a few minutes, asking me if I had suicidal thoughts. I tactfully told them that it was all a misunderstanding, and they finally left. If they had demanded to search my room…

That would have ended everything. For a few horrible seconds I thought it was all over. When they left, the biggest wave of relief swept over me. It was so scary.