Lee Anne DeVette- Tom Cruise’s Sister

lee ann de vette and bro tom 2 pic

Lee Anne DeVette has been Tom Cruise’s on again off again publicist for many years now. She was his publicist during the Tom-Kat era, including the ludicrous jumping on Oprah’s couch incident.Shortly after that she was fired from that position and downgraded to handling Tom’s philanthropic endeavors.  That was in 2005.

In 2008, he hired Lee Anne again as his publicist. She was back to running Tom’s life again. She was in his business meetings and influencing his every decision. She has a very strong personality and Tom always listens to what she has to say. Many told Katie that she would have to take second place with Lee Anne back again.

She is Tom’s big sister and she is an ardent scientologist just as he is. She’s always there, quietly guiding him and he hears and lets her do so. She is a member of his entourage so she’s always at hand to give her opinions.

It is being said that she will allegedly be served with a subpoena by Bauer Media which will oblige her to endure an interrogation, answering questions about her brother’s parenting skills and his divorce from ex wife Katie.

We sure would love to hear her statements, and know what really went on behind closed doors.