Laurene Powell Jobs’ boyfriend Adrian Fenty


Adrian Fenty


Adrian Fenty is a politician best known for his work as the Mayor of Washington. The divorcee is currently in a relationship with Seteve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs.


Fenty served as mayor of Washington D.C. between 2007 and 2011. He is well-known for making major changes to the D.C. public education system during his tenure as mayor.

Since Fenty left the mayor’s office, he has focused on acting as a consultant to education tech companies and working as a special adviser at Andreessen Horowitz.


He was born Adrian Malik Fenty to Philip and Jan Fenty on December 6, 1970. The D.C. native and the son of an interracial couple attended Woodrow Wilson Senior High School in Washington.

He then moved on to Oberlin College in Ohio –graduating in 1992 with a B.A. in English and economics. He earned his J.D. from Howard University Law School in 1996.


Adrian Fenty gained his first political experience as an intern for Ohio Senator Howard Metzenbaum. After his law school graduation, he worked for two years as the lead attorney and counsel for the District of Columbia Committee on Education, Libraries and Recreation. adrian-fenty

In 1999, Fenty was elected to the Washington, D.C. City Council representing Ward Four. In 2006 at age 35, he was the youngest mayor in Washington, D.C.’s history.

He divorced his wife of 15 years, Michelle Cross Fenty, in January 2013. During their marriage the ex-couple became parents to three children: twin sons Matthew and Andrew and daughter, Aerin

He married Michelle, then a global technology attorney employed by a Washington, D.C. law firm –in 1997.


Fenty and new girlfriend, Laurene Powell Jobs, were first rumored to be dating in the summer of 2013. The following year they attended a French Open match. Then in 2015, the two were pictured enjoying a Caribbean vacation. The two met at a Houston education conference in 2011 and bonded over school reform; Powell is the founder of Emerson Collective, which advocates for education reform, among others, while Fenty’s focus during his mayorship with education.

Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs, is founder and chair of the Emerson Collective, an organization that uses entrepreneurship to advance social reform and to assist under-resourced students. She also cofounded College Track, a nonprofit program that helps disadvantaged students prepare for and graduate from college.


The New Jersey native holds a Master of Business Administration and is a Stanford Graduate School of Business; Bachelor of Arts / Science. she also attended University of Pennsylvania Wharton School.


Most of her wealth was inherited from her husband, who upon his death left behind a fortune now estimated at $14.1 billion.

The Laurene Powell Jobs Trust has sold some of its stake in Disney; according to a January 2017 SEC filing, the trust owns 2.5% of Disney and Laurene Powell Jobs owns 4% of the media firm.

The 53-year-old blonde is the fourth-richest woman in the world and among the 50 richest people on earth, according to Wealth-X.


She was married to Jobs from 1991 until his death from pancreatic cancer in 2011. The couple welcomed three children during their marriage: Eve, Reed and Erin Jobs.


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