Lauren Shippey- Corrie Star Jack Shepherd’s Girlfriend

Lauren Shippey and Jack Shepherd 5 pic

Lauren Shippey and Jack Shepherd have been dating since they were 14 year old teenagers. It seems that their love has withstood many tests. From break ups to an illegitimate child from a one night stand.

In April of 2008 they broke up, but were soon back together and had a daughter, Nyla who was born in 2009. They were 20 at the time.

In 2010, Jack had a one night stand with Sammy Milewski the result of which was a son born in January of 2011.

But the couple made up again, Lauren forgave all and in April of 2011 the couple announced their engagement. They were planning to marry in 2012, but put their plans on hold because they were preparing for the arrival of their second child and running the 13 Performing Arts School for Children. Jack announced the pregnancy news in May, via twitter stating that they were both very happy.

Today, there was another twitter from Jack, “Baby’s here! Thank the Lord, a boy Reuben. 8 pound 12 Masssssive! Was born yesterday night a 22:40.Lauren and Reuben are doing fine.”

The baby was two weeks late, but has come in time to make this a very Merry Christmas for the young family.


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