Lateysha Grace 10 Facts About Drake’s Rumored Girlfriend

Lateysha Grace

Lateysha Grace is a Welsh TV personality who is set to star in her own TV show next month, however what cough our eye is not her career, but her romantic life.

Grace, born Lateysha Naomi Henry on November 25, 1992 –is said to be dating none other than ladies’ man rapper, Drake –who was in the past romantically linked to Rihanna. According to publications like the Daily Mail and the Sun, the alleged couple has been seeing each other for at least a month. So who is Lateysha Grace? Get to know her better in her top facts below.


#1 She has a famous brother

Lateysha’s younger brother, Regan Grace 21, is a Welsh rugby star currently playing for St. Helens in the Super League.

#2 She used to have a normal job

Prior to making it to the TV screen, Lateysha Grace worked in the beauty business as she is a hairdresser. She also worked as an account administrator.

#3 She appeared on MTV’s The Valleys

Grace is best known for appearing in all three seasons of The Valleys. She was 19-years-old when she first got casted back in 2012. The show follows the raucous antics of hopefuls from across the industrialised valleys in South Wales, as they relocated to Cardiff with plans to make it in modelling, singing and club promoting.

#4 She can also sing

Lateysha’s dream was to become a singer. She went onto release a single ‘You Beautiful’ in 2014, however it failed to chart.

#5 She is a Big Brother alum

Lateysha also appeared in Big Brother in 2016, the show’s seventeenth’s installment. Though she was never nominated she was forced to leave the house after Jason Burrill required to evict a fellow housemate during ‘annihilation week’

#6 Lateysha Grace is also a business woman

The 25-year-old is also into fashion and happens to run her own baby clothing company named Baby On Trend.

#7 She’s had numerous cosmetic procedures done

Lateysha has been open about her cosmetic surgeries; she’s had a nose job, fat transfer surgery, a boob job and at least four bumlifts.

#8 She’s been featured in several publications

As a glamour model, Lateysha has flaunt her killer assets in many men’s magazines including Nuts. In 2014, she appeared nude in a photoshoot for Zoo following a breast enlargement and nipple reduction.

#9 She is a proud mother

Lateysha and former boyfriend Ben Charles welcomed a daughter whom she named Wynter in 2016.

#10 She landed her own show

The mother of one will appear in MTV’s Million Dollar Baby –as she and her adorable two-year-old daughter try to earn Wynter’s first million.

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