Lakeisha Holloway is Las Vegas Strip Crash Driver!

Meet Lakeisha Holloway

Lakeisha Holloway has been identified as the woman who drove her car on a sidewalk and through a crowd on the Las Vegas Strip. The 24-year-old, unfortunately killed one and injured dozens of people.

You’d think Lakeisha Holloway was under the influence of some substance, but according to TMZ, the model blames the tragedy to extreme exhaustion.

On Sunday night, Holloway was trying to sleep “inside her vehicle with her daughter” and made stops on several hotel properties, but she told authorities, security kept running her off.

The police reports also says, Lakeisha Holloway has no recollection of how she wind up on the Strip.

Lakeisha Holloway is a resident of Oregon and it is believed she was in Sin City for a modeling gig.

Lakeisha Holloway mowed down pedestrians on Sunday night and injured at least 35 others. Police said during a press conference, she fled the scene and stopped at Tuscany Casino where she told the valet parking what had happened and to call 911.

She was with her 3-year-old daughter during the crash. Her daughter was not injured and was taken under custody. According to the Las Vegas district attorney , Holloway will be charged with one count of murder with a deadly weapon. Authorities are also considering charges of child abuse and neglect, as well as attempted murder, he said.

Authorities are not sure whether she acted deliberately and what caused her to snap for that matter.


According to NBC, the mother of one, was awarded an Education Credit Management Corp. scholarship in 2009 while in 2011, Holloway was convicted of two traffic offenses, according to Multnomah County, Oregon records.

An Oregon newspaper, reported in 2012, Lakeisha Holloway was the recipient of a CARE Role Model award from a local charity that assisted her during school. The article goes on to say she was homeless during freshman year of high school and that her mother was a drug addict.

According to her Facebook page, she studied at Portland Community College where she was pursuing a career in the forest service.

Lakeisha Holloway’s victim was identified by the Clark County Coroner’s Office Monday as 32-year-old Jessica Valenzuela from Buckey, Arizona.