Kyra Kennedy: Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Daughter

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Kyra Kennedy is of of the children of Robert Kennedy Jr. from his second marriage to Mary Kathleen Richardson, who killed herself in 2012.

19-year-old Kyra was born Kyra LeMoyne Kennedy in 1995, a year after her brother Conor was born, following Kyra are brothers William (b. 1997), and Aiden (b. 2001) Kyra’s parents divorced in 2010, her mom Mary Richardson was found hanging in a building on her home in Mount Kisco in New York on May 16, 2012.

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Kyra Kennedy Robert Kennedy Jr

Kyra  Kennedy wore a beautiful Christian Dior gown for her formal debut at the Paris Bal des débutantes  in December, 2013; not far from where she was refused entry at a posh club.

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According to media Kyra Kennedy  and a couple of her friends some over 21, tried to get inside the club Lava at the Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, NY last Thursday, but security didn’t accept her ID.

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What was wrong with her ID? Well, it wasn’t her to begin with, the passport Kyra handed security belonged to her 26-year-old Kick Kennedy.

Kick Kennedy

Kyra Kennedy Kick Kennedy

So when  security asked her to recite her birth date, she couldn’t do it.

“A security guard took Kick’s passport from Kyra and asked her to recite her birth date, and she didn’t know it. He then caught her trying to look up Kick’s birthday on Wikipedia on her phone. The security guard then refused to return the passport, and Kyra started shouting all this stuff, including, ‘I am a Kennedy, Google me. If you don’t let me in, the governor will be calling.”



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