Korryn Gaines Baltimore County Police victim

Korryn Gaines

Korryn Gaines has been identified as the young woman who was fatally shot by police in Baltimore county, Maryland on Monday.

According to reports, Korryn Gaines allegedly came in between police as they tried to arrest her and a man inside her home.

Gaines is said to have locked herself inside her house with her five-year-old child, who was also injured in the fire exchange. It isn’t yet clear if the toddler was shot by police or by Korryn Gaines.

The incident took place Monday morning when three police officers in Randallstown knocked on the door with the purpose of serving arrest warrants. One for a man inside the home and another for Gaines that was related to traffic violations from March.

When no one answered the door, the officers were able to gain access with the help from the landlord –who provided them with a key. Once inside, they found Gained sitting on the floor while holding a shotgun at them. Officers were able to see a man, fleeing the scene with a small-child.

The ma is believed to be her baby daddy, and the child, their one-year-old daughter.

Officers where able to caught the man –that is still to be identified –and stepped outside to ask for backups. The standoff ended when tactical units confronted Korryn Gaines.


During the hours-long standoff, Korryn recorded videos to her Instagram account. In one of them she can be heard asking her five-year-old son: “and what are they trying to do?” He says, “they’re trying to kill us.”


News of the shooting has already quickly led to outrage, particularly from the Black Lives Matter movement and other activists who fight the criminal justice system.

According to authorities, the young mother repeatedly threatened them and aimed her gun at them. At around 3 pm, she allegedly said, “If you don’t leave, I’m going to kill you.”

One of the officers fired his weapon once, according to police. Korryn Gaines returned fire. Police then opened fire.

By the time it was over, the mom of two was dead and the 5-year-old boy, whom an uncle identified as Gaines’s son to the Baltimore Sun, was injured.

According to her LinkedIn page, Korryn Gaines from Randallstown, Maryland, was a cosmetics professional and hairstylist.