Kim Donohue- Mass. Cop Richard Donohue Jr. Wife


Kim and Richard Donohue


MBTA Officer Richard “Dic” Donohue Jr., who was injured during a shootout with the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, is recovering well at Mount Auburn Hospital and is beginning to walk again, according to his brother and Winchester Police Officer Ed Donohue. Donohue Jr. lost all of his own blood and his heart stopped for 45 minutes before he was resuscitated. He wrote in a letter released by the Massachusettes Transit Police Department:

“I am told that when I arrived at the hospital I had almost no blood and no pulse, and the team of medical experts at Mount Auburn miraculously brought me back to life. I am now awake, moving around, talking, and telling jokes (much to my Wife’s dismay).”

33-year-old Donohue Jr. is a police officer with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, where he has worked for three years. The Winchester native is married to Kim Donohue and they have a a 7-month-old son.


Kim and Dic Donohue son

Kim and Dic Donohue are in a relationship since January 15, 2009. The couple met online on Richard e-mailed her and Kim said he liked his screen name that was Ben Richards RM, from one of his favorite movies, The Running Man. Kim said she was canceling her profile and instead gave him her phone number… and guess what? He called!

Kim and Dic’s first date was at Whiskeys, a romantic spot in downtown Boston. The next day, Kim met him in a bar where he invited her to a game. Kim and Richard quickly moved in together. They got engaged on September 25, 2010.


Kim Forrest, later named Kim Donohue, attended Manhattan College, in Deloitte. Her mother is Marie Forrest, who owns MM Forrest Real Estate, and her stepmother is Janet Forrest.

Richard’s Virginia Military Institute classmates created a Facebook support page to support him and his family, and as they say “to raise support and awareness for his selfless acts”. His wife, Kim Donohue, wrote:

Kim Donohue post Facebook

Find Kim on Facebook here. Visit Richard Donohue Jr support page here.