Kerry O’Grady Secret Service Agent not taking bullet for Trump

Kerry O’Grady

Kerry O’Grady is a senior secret service agent who is currently under major fire following a series of anti-Trump posts.

Kerry in charge at the agency’s Denver office, had the not so brilliant idea of ranting about president Donald Trump, suggesting she wouldn’t take a bullet for him on a Facebook posting.

In her defense, O’Grady made the post back in October but to her bad luck, The Washington Examiner reported earlier this week.

At the time Donald Trump was the Republican party official candidate still, Kerry made a serious mistake when she began discussing her role in secret service on the social network.

Kerry was so radical on her post that she said she ‘would take jail time over a bullet or an endorsement for what I believe to be disaster to this country.’

What made Kerry O’Grady so frustrated you ask? Apparently, her emotional reaction came after revelations that Trump spoke about grabbing women “by the p—y.”

Accoridng to the Examiner, she received at least one formal complaint and ended up removing her statements. Many think she should be fire and even prosecuted.


In 2015 Kerry O’Grady was invited to speak at a Women in Technology conference. According to her profile, Kerry has worked in the United States Secret Service for over two decades.

In that time, Kerry O’Grady has served as a criminal investigator, polygraph examiner, protective detail agent, and leader. She has investigated threats to our Nation’s financial infrastructure and to our continuity of Government.

She has served three different presidential administrations and was promoted to Shift Leader while assigned to the Presidential Protective Division, during which time she coordinated the inner perimeter of the President’s security team.

O’Grady also supervised the security plan for the Democratic National Convention in 2008 and the Presidential Debate in 2012.  Acting as Special Agent in Charge of the Denver Field Office District, which encompasses Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.

She is responsible for the Secret Service’s investigative and protective missions in a geographic territory that covers 1/9th of the United States.  As a part of that role, she has oversight of the Secret Service Colorado Electronic Crimes Task Force, as well as the private sector and academia, to combat the cyber threat to the Nation’s financial and critical infrastructure.

As expected, O’Grady has vanished from social media. Both her LinkedIn and Twitter accounts have been deactivated.

Should she be fired?