Keri Claussen Khalighi’s husband Amir Khalighi

Amir Khalighi

Amir Khalighi is the husband of former model Keri Claussen Khalighi, who is the latest in coming forward with her own story of sexual assault.

Amir’s beautiful wife recently spoke of the horrific moment when she was a victim of sexual assault at the hands of an important figure in the music industry.

The incident happened in 1991 when she was 17, she was sexually assaulted by Def Jam Recording founder Russell Simmons while film director Brett Ratner stood by and watched. The lovely model said of Ratner while on Today “I’ll never forget the look on his face.”

Khalighi claimed she accompanied Simmons and Ratner to the apartment to ostensibly watch a music video they had co-produced. When they arrived, Simmons aggressively removed her clothes. She claims she asked Ratner for help, but he did not respond.

She fought off the attempt at sexual intercourse, but Simmons coerced her into oral sex. When finished, she went to take a shower. Simmons joined her in the shower where he penetrated her without consent.

The music mogul maintained the encounter was consensual, saying in a statement “Everything that occurred between Keri and me occurred with her full consent and participation.”

Amir Khalighi

Keri Claussen Khalighi is a Nebraska native who was born September 22, 1974. She began modeling out of a farm town in Nebraska while in her teens.

The now stunning 43-year-old is currently married to Amir Khalighi –an Iranian born actor and producer. The couple tied the knot earlier this year. According to his website, he left his native Tehran Iran due to the Iranian Revolution.

He began his acting career in theatre at age 17 after he landed the lead in the UJ Production of “Our House.” He has studied under the tutelage of Sandy Meisner’s pupil David Blanchard, Stella Adler’s prodigy Jane Fleiss Brogger and Brian Reese in Hollywood.

He later produced two successful Los Angeles shows, To Gillian on Her 30th Birthday and the critically acclaimed, Los Angeles premier of A Hatful of Rain. He went back into theatre in 2008. Some of his theatrical performances include: Macbeth and Tartuffe.

His most recent film credits include “Drones” (2013) & The Darkest Hour: Survivors and Almost Broadway aka Blackmail (2014). Amir Khalighi is also the founder of

Amir and Keri were married last October. He was previously married and is the father of one child.

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