Kendra Childs’ Boyfriend Greg


Greg, the name of the man who is late Kendra Childs’ boyfriend. The 19-year-old Huston mom who was mysteriously killed earlier his week and police is after the killer.

According to reports, Kendra Childs was killed one day before her 20th birthday. Her story has caused a major media wave with social media users taking the hashtag #RIPKendra viral.

Greg’s girlfriend lost her life after she was shot in a second floor apartment around noon on Tuesday. Reports say it was Greg who came home from work to find her body. He immediatly sought for help and called cops.
Houston Police Department homicide unit told media, witnesses saw a black Camaro with tinted windows driving by the apartment. The mysterious vehicle allegedly fired multiple rounds.

Reports say though police found the alleged car, no arrests have been made and the investigation still continues. Investigators believe she was the intended target.

According to police, a man and a woman were inside that car. The shooter never came inside the apartment complex; instead they stood on the road aiming from outside.

Some reports suggest her death is the result of some kind of feud among gang members. Kendra Child is said to have been killed by gangsters who intended to get back at her boyfriend.

The Twitter account LadyKocaine is being investigated in Kendra’s death. The social media user, who goes by the name “LingLingBaby,” allegedly threatened Kendra before her death. LadyKocaine is the alleged ex-girlfriend of Greg.


Kendra who sported major ink work on her arm, is survived by her young daughter. Kendra and boyfriend Greg often post about their 2-year-old baby daughter Khloee on social media.


A Go Fund Me page has been created to help with the funeral expenses. According to online info, Kendra graduated high school while still pregnant with Greg’s baby.

She was active on Twitter. Her social media account can still be found here.