Kelly Lombardo Source in Justin Bieber’s testicles Emergency

Kelly Lombardo

Kelly Lombardo is the woman who lost her hospital job after she allegedly took a peek at Justin Bieber’s files!

One day after Bieber’s nude photos were posted to Selena Gomez’s Instagram account by a hacker, news of his private parts surface again.

This time, reports say Kelly Lombardo was fired by Northwell Health superiors accusing her of being an “immoral employee.” Lombardo, on the other hand, is suing for wrongful termination, saying the allegations against her are false and that she was fired because she’s a female.

It all went down back in May when the singer was taken to the Long Island hospital in fear he had suffered a twisted testicle injury during a game of soccer. After being examined by doctors, diagnose was a swollen testicle and not a testicular torsion like he thought.


What nurse Lombardo heard was a whole different story.

She says she was told by colleagues Bieber was there due to an STD. She says shortly after Justin arrived to the hospital, claims that he had contracted a sexually transmitted disease began to spread around.

According to the hospital, Lombardo accessed Bieber’s medical files after hearing the rumors. They accused her of violating Bieber’s privacy right.

Kelly Lombardo however defends her innocence and insists she never looked at his files and just heard what everyone was talking about. However, hospital bosses dragged her into a meeting and condemned her of looking at Bieber’s online files.

Lombardo has since filed a wrongful-termination claim with the New York Division of Human Rights. She believes she was fired for being a woman. Her lawyer said, “My client never accessed Mr. Bieber’s medical file and yet she was fired for doing so.”

Her lawyer also assured Lombardo didn’t even see Justin at the hospital and added she was literally dragged into the situation. Kelly Lombardo was until recently, an emergency room representative on the job since 2007.