Kellie Houser: LA Theater Shooter John Russell Houser’s Wife


Kellie Houser  is the estranged wife of John Russell Houser who killed  2 injured 9 more before turning the gun to himself at the screening of TrainWreck in Lafayette, Louisiana on Thursday July 23, 2015.

John russell Houser wife Kellie Houser-photos

Kellie Houser knew her husband John Russell Houser known as Rusty Houser had a  mental  problem, but not even her suspected the  man she once loved and with whom she had a daughter would be the crazed shooter that killed two young innocent women, wounded  9 people and ultimately killed himself.

In 2008, Kellie Houser had no doubt her husband was a danger to himself and others, she petitioned a judge tо involuntarily commit Houser tо a mental hospital, ѕhе аlѕо removed аll оf hiѕ guns frоm thеir home. Hеr petition wаѕ granted bу a judge  аftеr Rusty Houser made violent threats, apparently outraged аt hiѕ daughter’s engagement bесаuѕе hе felt hiѕ 23-year-old daughter Kirbey Ellen Houser wаѕ tоо young tо get married tо hеr boyfriend Andrew Broome, 26.

According to the docs filed by Kellie Houser and other member of the family John R. Houser  had volatile mental state” and “a history of mental health issues, i.e., manic depression and/or bi-polar disorder.

But by the time he got out the mental institution he still showed a violent behavior, leaving Kellie with no other choice but to asked for a a protective order preventing him from coming near her and her family.

51-year-old Kellie Dawn Maddox Houser was born on February 25, 1964. Kelli and Houser got married on December 3,. 1983 in Carroll County, Georgia. She gave birth to their daughter Kirbey  in March, 1985.

Kellie is a fourth grade teacher an Elementary School in Georgia. Kellie separated from her husband on December 23, 2012; she filed for divorce on March 24, 2015.

Daughter Kirbey is a case manager at Public defender Office and the Atlanta based contributor for The Examiner. She and hubby Andrew are he proud parents of a lovely girl.