Keith Douglas Tasha Smith’s Ex-Husband

Meet Keith Douglas

Keith Douglas is the now ex-husband of Tyler Perry celebrity, Tasha Smith. Recent reports indicate Smith had her marriage erased from planet Earth, (annulled) after a judge ruled her hubby was a fraud.

According to TMZ, Tasha obtained her marriage annulment a couple of days ago, after claiming he had a secret existence he stored from her. namely, Tasha mentioned all through their courtship he advised her he was once a preacher and introduced an image he was once a man of religion.

But it turned out, her man, Keith Douglas, had actually been married 5 times before her. Keith Douglas also, concealed the collection of kids he in reality had, his previous felony behavior, and failure to pay taxes for just about a decade.


In November 2014, Smith appeared in court to request a restraining order against Douglas, who in documents filed prior to the court appearance, she said accused her of having affairs with other women.

Though the twosome’s divorce was finalized last March, it seems like Tasha wanted to take the final step to make it appear like this unfortunate union never happened!

Keith Douglas and Smith tied the knot in 2010, after a 6-month engagement . According to People, they kept the ceremony low-key, holding the affair in the living room of their Los Angeles house. She told Essence of the joyous event, at the time:

“We discussed having a small wedding with close family and friends, but instead, we decided to hold a very simple, intimate ceremony with just us and our pastor,” “We prayed about it, and it just felt right for us.”

Keith Douglas was described at the time, as an entrepreneur. According to info online, he also served as her manager. During happier times, the former couple used to be involved in some off-screen ventures. In 2011, they launched an organic perfume line titled “US.”

Tasha grew up in Camden, N.J. She has had roles on the big screen alongside Angela Bassett and Paula Patton in romantic comedy Jumping the Broom, among many others. She was previously married to a youth counselor, who she divorced in 2007.

We are happy to know she is happy.

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