Keila Ponce- is According to her Esteban Loaiza’s Mistress!


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¨Quiero ser grupero¨ or ¨I want to be a Banda singer¨ from the network Azteca America is an Hispanic new reality show that’s being shoot in Los Angeles has been a hit among Latin’s specially Mexicans who feel the love for this joyful and loud kind of music. Hundreds of bands and solo performers from all over the country went to the dreaded casts to give their best but only 14 bands were chosen.

And just why are talking about this reality show? Well because it turns out to be that our favorite Latin ex-pro base baller Esteban Loaiza has a new love interest that happens to be a contestant on the show! Or that’s what she says! She is Miss Keila Ponce-Buenrostro originally from San Diego, California.

keila ponce2

Keila worked in real state and although it was something that was o.k for a while music has been her true passion. She’s been singing since she was a child:

Mi mayor interes es la musica y el medio artistico; desde muy pequena canto y fue mi sueno ser una gran artista!

My biggest interest is music and the artistic world; I sing since I was very little and it was always a dread to be a great artist!

In 2002 she had her first taste at the world of entertainment, landing a role as host for the T.V show “Full Access – Protagonistas de la musica” on Mun2. She fell in love with the experience. She likes to read and has a certain admiration and respect for a guy called Omar Lopez..a former ex?? A family member perhaps??

The beautiful girl who is showing her talent with a steady pace on season 2 of the show has recently confirmed she is in a relationship with Jenni Rivera’s widower and that she is in no way looking to make a big deal out of her relationship with Loaiza. She claims that she rather make herself of a name on her own efforts instead of being famous for being his girlfriend; if she wanted to make an scandal she would have come clean months before, she says. Should we believe her? If she doesn’t want to, at least gain some popularity to win the reality show why talk now? She should’ve instead kept quiet like she’s been for who knows how long!

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And that is exactly my next point, some speculations point out Keila to be the third wheel on Esteban and Jenni’s relationship and possible the responsible for their split! So, if this were to be true they have been ¨in touch¨ for quite a while. Esteban and the beloved deceased Jenni were married for two years and filed for divorce on October 1, 2012 but Rivera died tragically when her private plane crashed on December 9, 2012; before the divorce was finalized.


Could this cutesy brunet be the reason for that separation? According to her she says: ¨No comment¨


To keep things within the family get this; one of the judges on QSG is no other than Mr. Pedro Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s father and former father in law of Loaiza!


Think this girl has a chance now that her relationship is in the public eye?? Well one thing is for sure, now we know Esteban has a thing for singers!