Kati and Jessi Mather Twins Mauled by Dog

Meet Kati and Jessi Mather

Kati and Jessi Mather are Canadian twin sisters who’ve made headlines after being mauled by a dog at a Richmond park last week.

The sisters actions were hailed as heroic after it was said they were badly injured while trying to protect one of the sisters’ child as their dog became crazy and attacked them.

However, their reputation is being questioned after reports surfaced saying the dog may have been exposed to drug use and abuse.

21-year-old Kati and Jessi Mather were allegedly injured on December 30. It t is understood, Yogi, turned on them. Jessi Mather suffered multiple lacerations while shielding her three-year-old son Jayden from the dog. Her sister, endured the worst of the injuries. Kati, who tried to lure the dog away from the child, received more than 100 bites, a broken arm and a detached bicep. Yogi is described as a Rottweiler-Husky cross, owned by Kati and her boyfriend.


Following the horrific attack, a Go Fund me page was created to aid the twins, but allegations have surfaced indicating the sisters may have done something to provoke the controversial attack.  The Go Fund me page has since been taken down by friend, Alegria Gomez.

According to a Facebook page for Kati Mather, works as a Line Cook at Legends Pub & Restaurant and previously worked at Boston Pizza and White Spot. She attended A.R. MacNeill Secondary School in Richmond, British Columbia and Burnett Secondary School. She has been in a relationship since August 18, 2010.


According to Jessi Mather’s Facebook page, her full name is Jessibelle Mather. She works as an EVENTS SERVER at BC Place. They also have one brother, Draedon Mather.


Kati and Jessi Mather have an Instagram and Facebook  page called Twins That Toke THC and its filled with photos showing them partying.

Their friend, Alegria Gomez said the allegations Yogi was abused, mistreated, or was on drugs were false, adding Kati and Jessi should not be judged for instigating the attack because of their lifestyle. She also added, the sisters do not want Yogi to be euthanized.

Kati and Jessi Mather are currently recovering at home. Jayden did not suffer any injuries and Yogi is in the custody of the Richmond Animal Protection Society.

What do you think should happen to Yogi? Should the twins be to blame?