Kate del Castillo dating Sean Penn? Find out!

As you might have heard, drug lord El Chapo Guzman has been captured, one more time. The news broke on Friday.

The next day after Mexican authorities caught up with El Chapo, Rolling Stone magazine released an interview, El Chapo granted exclusively to Mexican star Kate del Castillo and Hollywood actor, Sean Penn.

In the lengthy article, Penn explains Kate brokered the interview between him and El Chapo. He describes the odyssey he and Kate had to go through to meet one of the world’s most wanted men.

Kate who had been in touch with El Chapo through text messages served as a translator during the tension filled –at first –meeting in the middle of nowhere.

Now, Mexican authorities want to sit with both del Castillo and Penn about the interview.


Could the dangerous experience have got them closer? The 43-year-old actress is an icon in her home country. She’s not only the daughter of one of Mexico’s most beloved first actors, but she’s also made a successful career for herself. Kate began acting in as a child, she starred in many soaps that were a hit in Mexico.

But the actress, made the international crossover and is known for her portrayal of drug boss Teresa Mendoza in the soap opera La Reina del Sur (Queen of the South).


Truth is, both Kate and Sean have lots in common. Kate is no stranger to controversy, back in 2012, del Castillo made an open appeal to El Chapo urging him to use his drug trafficking empire for love, not violence.

She even said that she believed more in El Chapo than in “governments that hide the truth”.

According to Sean Penn, the drug lord’s lawyer contacted del Castillo after the appeal because El Chapo wanted to send her some flowers. And that, is how she began to have contact with El Chapo.

55-year-old Penn, being the Oscar-winning movie star, political and humanitarian activist, rebel with many causes, writer and globetrotter that he is; didn’t lose the chance to meet El Chapo. He intended to  ask him questions, that he thinks everyone wants to know –and why not, there’s also the possibility of making a movie out of the whole thing.

Also in the article Penn, makes it clear he had not met Kate before and at one point she calls him “pushy mother***” could this be the beginning of a romance between them?

Both Kate del Castillo and Sean Penn have been married twice. She divorced her first husband Luis Garcia in 2004. Her second husband was actor, Aaron Diaz, whom she divorced in 2012. She has no kids.

On the other side, We have Penn who’s been linked to several women and has been married first to Madonna and second to actress Robin Wright, with whom he fathered two children.

Would it be so odd to think they could be dating? Comment below!