Kassandra Perez “Andra Viak” Is Robert Kardashian’s Assault Accuser

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The male member of the Kardashian clan Robert Kardashian was charged on Friday with a misdemeanor, instead of the felony charges Kassandra Perez also known as  Andra Viak was hoping Rob was charged with when he allegedly grabbed her camera, took out her memory and hit her in the face, Robert said Viak trespassed on private property. his what  George Gallegos her lawyer had to say about the latest concerning his client

“Ms. Viak is appalled — and I am quite frankly confused — by the district attorney’s decision to file misdemeanor, as opposed to felony, charges against Mr. Kardashian for his aggressive and violent behavior. Looking at the bruising left by Mr. Kardashian on Ms. Viak, I’m not sure how much more bruising the District Attorney requires to be inflicted in order to warrant felony battery charges against a man for his assault upon a woman half his size.”

“While I believe in our justice system, I’m not quite sure how the filing of these misdemeanor charges, essentially a slap on the wrist, would deter Mr. Kardashian or any other celebrity from acting any differently in the future.”

28-year-old Andra Viak from Studio City, California studied at Douglas City High School, after that she attended at the Art Center  and at the Southwest University of Visual Arts. She holds a minor in photography and a bachelors degree in graphic design and advertising.

Ms. Viak is currently a freelance photographer at Akm Gsi, 17 and she is the designer and proud owner of AndrAViaK Brand.

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