Karyn Wagner- The Walking Dead Director Frank Darabont’s Wife

frank darabont and wife karyn wagner pic

Karyn Wagner was born Karyn Elizabeth Wagner. She is a native of Los Angeles and claims she’s part gypsy! Her grandmother was an exotic bohemian émigré who taught her that style envelopes are made to be pushed. Her mother was a history buff, and her father was in the industry too. She studied at the University of California, Davis.

Karyn is a successful costume designer and has also worked in various costume departments for different movies. She says that before a character opens his or her mouth, you should know all about them by their costume, hair and makeup.

Both she and Frank Darabont worked on the movies “The Green Mile” and “The Majestic”. She has also worked on “The Notebook”, “Lovelace” and “The Last of Robin Hood”, a film about Errol Flynn.

Her husband Frank Darabont is suing AMC, alleging that he has received no money as a profit participant and is accusing the network of setting an “unrealistically low license fee” for “The Walking Dead”, a show he co-created.

The paperwork claims that there are questionable accounting practices. “The Walking Dead” lawsuit also says that Frank Darabont was wrongfully terminated from “TWD” and that he should not only continue to receive an executive producer credit, but also wants to receive proceeds from “The Walking Dead,” “The Talking Dead” and the upcoming spinoff. If the dispute goes to trial, a jury would decide the outcome, but it is believed that the chances of it actually making it to trial are small.

The Walking Dead has been wildly successful, in fact it’s the most popular show in the history of cable. So, maybe AMC should show a little “love” to the guy that made this possible. What do you think? Be sure to let us know.