Karol Sanchez Teen who staged her own Kidnapping

Karol Sanchez

Karol Sanchez from the Bronx, has been named as the teen who faked her own kidnapping and came clean a day later.

Karol left her mother in tears when two men can were caught on video dragging Sanchez into a vehicle. The mother-daughter duo were walking down Eagle Avenue in the Bronx at 11:20 p.m. -when a beige sedan stopped in front of them. Her mother tried to get in the car before one of the men pushed her out.

New York City police requested an Amber Alert for 16-year-old Karol Sanchez on Tuesday morning. According to recent updates, she appeared on Tuesday afternoon, at the spot where she was taken and turned herself into police.
According to the police station, Karol was visibly shaken up. She was bending over, grabbing her knees, and discussing with the police. Authorities took her in for questioning. While at 40th Precinct station house -the curly haired teen admitted to officers it was all a hoax. According to CNN, the teen knew at least one of the people involved in the kidnapping.

Karol Sanchez

A reason for staging her own kidnapping is not clear, however there’s plenty of speculation. A theory by The NY Times says that Sanchez is keen to remain in the country while her family is contemplating moving back to their native Honduras. Another possible reason could be the estranged relationship between mother and daughter.

According to police Karol Sanchez and her family are originally from the Garifuna town of Corozal, Honduras.
Radar Online reports, Sanchez was “unhappy” about the move to South America and wanted to get away from her “overprotective” mother.
Is not yet clear if Sanchez will face charges, as the investigation is still ongoing.
As for the teen’s family members, reports say they were incredibly upset by the bizarre kidnapping.