Karen Danczuk – Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk’s **** Wife


Meet Rochdale councillor Karen Danczuk, she is the wife of Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, but her face might be already familiar since she’s become famous for her revealing selfies!

Now, Karen is facing another king of attention. According to the Mirror, Karen is embroiled in a Twitter spat with ex Tory MP Louise Mensch.



Voluptuous Karen revealed to her nearly 10,000 Twitter followers that she had been swimming topless whilst on holiday, the Manchester Evening News reports.

However Louise Mensch, formerly Conservative MP for Corby, accused her cheapening the role of women in politics.

Ms Mensch also used her weekend national newspaper column to have a pop at her, calling her “Westminster’s most embarrassing wife.

She said: “She can’t stop posting pictures of her cleavage on Twitter, cheapening women in politics.”

Put them away, love. Frankly, I’d rather see Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich.”
The bubbly, funny, driven and hard-working **** mom hit back saying: “Good piece & btw I’m more then a wife it’s 2014! In terms of your bacon butty remark, sorry your husband disagrees.”
And the two feisty women kept at it!


The 31-year-old –who is largely more famous than her 47-year-old husband for all the right reasons –grew up in  Rochdale the youngest of five. Her father worked for the local authority and her mother — well, here Karen rolls her eyes and says: ‘Best not talk about her.’
She revealed she was badly bullied at school-and belive it or not she never has considered herself pretty.

‘I wasn’t a popular child. I was really, really ugly — shockingly ugly. I know some people say they were really ugly at school and actually they’re all glamorous, but I was odd-looking — super-skinny with very long hair and olivey skin and terrible teeth.

The other kids pushed me over and taunted me and called me Wednesday from the Addams Family. So to be described as beautiful, that’s the oddest thing about all this. I’ve never looked in the mirror and thought: “Oh, Karen you look pretty today.”’


She left school (and home) at 16 with 11 GCSEs and, after a couple of years working for the local council, had second thoughts: ‘I thought there must be more to life.’

So, juggling three jobs — at Asda, an orthodontic surgery and at an event management company — to pay her rent, she went back to  college to study for her A-levels.

Karen is Simon’s second wife. They met at the Rochdale Labour Club in 2006, when she was 23 and he was 38 and married to Sonia, his first wife and mother of his elder two children. According to divorce papers she is not allowed to discuss her hubby’s former wife.

They married in 2012 and the couple are the proud parents of two sons Milton, six, and Maurice, four.

While on the job, Mrs Danczuk believes fervently in compulsory voting and equal representation, ‘not more female politicians, but a mix of classes; more working-class women and men who know what it’s really like, not all cushy middle classes telling the working class how to live their lives.’

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